In Alberta, motorists are expected to follow strict road and traffic rules to ensure the safety of all road users. Speed limits are enforced, and drivers are required to adhere to these speed limits at all times.


Alberta Driving Test - Rules 1

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Upon approaching a stop sign, a driver must...?

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What is the driver of a motor vehicle not permitted to carry in a house or boat trailer?

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Wearing a seat belt in a collision will...?

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When entering a freeway you should...?

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A school bus with red signal lights flashing is stopped. What does the law require you to do?

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Most automobile skids are a result of:...?

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A solid white lane on a roadway means...?

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If a pedestrian is using a white cane it indicates that...?

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Vehicles approaching a steady red traffic light may...?

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The key to emergency braking is to:

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A yield sign indicates that...?

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If a tire blows out you should...?

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When two vehicles approach a four-way stop sign intersection at right angles to each other and at the same time:

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A pedestrian facing a flashing or steady hand or don't walk symbol should...?

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When driving in heavy fog, you should use...?

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The minimum safe following distance in traffic is...?

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Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit on a provincial highway outside an urban area is...?

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At an uncontrolled intersection (without traffic signs or traffic lights), you should...?

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If there is no stop line or marked crosswalk at an intersection, you must stop within how many metres of the intersecting roadway?

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When parking facing downhill you should...?

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It is illegal to pass another vehicle when:

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Where there are no posted speed limits the maximum speed in cities, towns, villages and built-up areas is...?

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In all conditions you should drive at a speed that will allow you to...?

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A broken line at the left of your lane means...?

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If your vehicle is having mechanical problems, you should...?

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Before moving off from a parked position, you should...? :

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Directions given by a police officer overrule...?

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Travelling at high speeds increases fuel consumption. For every 10 km/h above 90 km/h, you will burn how much more fuel?

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Which of the following hand-and-arm signals is correct for slowing or stopping?

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How close may you legally park to a fire hydrant?

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Alberta Learners Test: Resources That Help You Pass the First Time

Alberta has a unique licensing system to help drivers reduce the risks of driving in provinces covered with snow and ice. Getting a driver’s license takes about three years, and you need to pass through two stages. This system is designed to provide novice drivers with lots of experience so they can drive with few restrictions.

Alberta learners test is the first step to becoming a driver in Alberta. Also, it is referred to as a Class 7 license. The minimum age to apply is 14 years. However, if you are below 18 years, a guardian or parental consent is a must.


What is the Alberta learners test?

Alberta Learners TestBefore having the Alberta learner driver’s license, you will have to pass the Alberta learners test. This written test consists of 30 questions on Alberta’s traffic laws. It is a multiple-choice question test you can take online from any registered agent’s office.

Moreover, you have to complete the test within 60 minutes. Out of 30 questions, you have to answer 25 questions correctly. That way, you can get your learner driver’s license. However, if you fail to pass the test, you must wait another 24 hours to retake the test.

After passing the test, you must pay a small fee to purchase the learner’s driver’s license. It would be best to take practice tests to make it easy for you to pass the test on the first attempt.


Benefits of Alberta learners practice test:

You must pass the learner driver’s test to drive on Alberta roads.  It applies to people who are about to get the license for the first time, has lost their license, and are now in Alberta.

But, preparing for and taking the test requires effort, time, and a significant amount of money. Hence, you will prefer to pass the learner driver’s test on the first attempt. Here are the benefits of the practice test.


Get to know beforehand – Preparation ensures nothing goes wrong during the driving test, and practice tests allow you to get familiarized with the types of questions you may face. Also, they help you to understand the question pattern with different wording for various topics.

In short, you can have a good idea and what to expect from the written test. By knowing a bit about the test beforehand, you will be prepared for the test. That increases your chances of passing the exam the first time.


You can keep track of your progress – The practice tests allow you to determine whether the preparation for the main test is enough. Because you have to answer questions on various topics, you can keep track of your progress by knowing where you might need to improve.

As a result, you can prepare for every question you answered wrong. In short, the practice tests provide the scope to strengthen the weak areas, so they don’t create issues the next time.


Studying the required material – Taking the practice tests gives you a clear picture of what kind of study material you need. That way, it helps you to understand and concentrate on the areas where you will be tested. As such, you will avoid study materials not covering all the topics needed to pass the Alberta driving test.


Gives you peace of mind – Preparing for any test brings nervousness and causes trouble for someone preparing for the same. Practice tests help you to evaluate your nerves and keep you calm.

Moreover, when exposed to numerous practice tests, you get accustomed to them. As such, the level of confidence increases and puts nervousness at bay. The practice tests have an extensive database of questions. So, when you take these tests repeatedly, you won’t be surprised when appearing for the main exam.


What do the practice tests look like?

The practice test should mirror the actual thing. It means a good practice test shouldn’t be less than a replica of the actual Alberta leaners test. That way, you can pass the exam effectively and faster. Here is what the practice tests should look like.

  • The number of questions – The Alberta learner driver’s test’s practice test should have 30 questions like the original exam. However, every question has no time limit; you must answer 25 questions correctly. That way, you can pass the test. When you have the same amount of questions that you will have on the main test, the practice test helps you to get familiarized with the study material at your own pace.
  • Kind of questions – Because no written tests could be the same, the practice tests should draw questions from the driver’s handbook. Similar to the real exam, they need to cover topics on traffic law, warning signs, regulatory signs, direction signs, and so on. Apart from that, the practice test should include different rules of the road, including parking regulations and road markings in Alberta.
  • Procedure for answering – Each question should consist of four possible answers. Moreover, like the real Alberta driving test, the answers should be the same. So, you must read the questions and the answers thoroughly before choosing the one you feel confident about.


Getting ready for the Alberta learners test:

  • Study the driver’s handbook – The Alberta driver’s handbook is the only companion for gathering knowledge for the main test. It is a valuable resource, and you should study the content carefully. It helps you understand the rules of the road and good driving practices in Alberta.
  • Take breaks while studying – Allow yourself about 10 minutes every hour. That way, it helps you to relax and calm your nerves. As a result, it increases the efficiency of your brain and makes it easier to retain information.
  • Evaluate your knowledge – Regularly taking practice tests helps you evaluate your knowledge. These tests help you understand the question patterns so that you don’t have any trouble facing them in the exam.