In Quebec, Canada, professional drivers must adhere to strict traffic rules to ensure the safety of both themselves and other motorists on the road.


SK Commercial Driver Licence - Quiz 4

What percentage of greenhouse gases are produced by the transportation sector in Canada?

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A vehicle transporting a petroleum product, flammable, or explosive must do what at an uncontrolled railway crossing?

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When crossing a railway crossing, heavier vehicles?

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A vehicle traveling in a straight line develops?

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To prevent fires you should?

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If you are involved in a collision the fact that you were traveling downhill will?

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When driving around motorcycles a driver should?

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An emergency vehicle is defined as a vehicle that can be used for?

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Hazardous Material safety placards are displayed on?

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Flat or soft tires, which have become overheated, should?

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When parking a vehicle with a two-speed axle, the axle must be?

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When you apply for a Saskatchewan driver's license you do not need to take the prescribed exams if?

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You should use your cruise control?

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When operating a vehicle during night hours with an overhang you must have?

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Carbon monoxide poison is?

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During motorcycle season a driver should?

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Tow truck drivers are?

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Entering a curve too fast can result in?

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Hazardous Materials safety labels are displayed on?

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When you fail to reduce your vehicle's speed to suite road conditions, you?

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Flares must be stored in a?

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Before entering a street from a lane or alley within a city or town a driver shall?

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What fluid levels can damage your vehicle?

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To avoid rolling, skidding, or jackknifing a driver should do what before entering a curve?

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To control speed the professional driver?

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The view side of a vehicle is considered the?

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Novice drivers may obtain?

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Every vehicle transporting fuel petroleum must be equipped with?

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Proper information on hazardous materials shipping documents helps ensure?

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How long should you let your vehicle warm up after starting?

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The rules dictate that commercial vehicles are not allowed to exceed a certain weight and must have proper permits for transporting hazardous materials. Additionally, commercial drivers are required to obtain a special class of license, known as Class 1 or Class 3, depending on the type of vehicle they are operating. They must also comply with specific hours-of-service regulations, limiting the number of consecutive hours a driver can operate a commercial vehicle without a mandatory break. Failure to comply with these rules can result in hefty fines, suspension of driver’s licences, and even criminal charges in severe cases. Therefore, it is essential for professional drivers in Quebec to understand and strictly abide by all traffic regulations to maintain their licence and ensure the safety of all road users.

To begin your career in professional driving, you must obtain your Saskatchewan Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4 Professional Driver Licence.
These online practice tests were developed to help individuals study for their professional driver’s license. Our practice testing area is designed to help you learn the information on your actual written knowledge test and familiarize you with the testing format. All testing material is covered in the official Saskatchewan Professional Driver’s Handbook.

Potential drivers should be aware that specific circumstances, such as your driving record or a medical condition, may prevent you from securing employment in the transportation industry even if you meet all requirements.