In Quebec, Canada, professional drivers must adhere to strict traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of themselves, passengers, and other drivers on the road.


Saskatchewan Professional Driver Test 03

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What should a tow truck driver do with debris along the highway that are as a result of a collision?

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One step you can take to fight rising gas prices is?

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Backing a school bus on school property is not permitted unless?

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Red flags located along the extremities and along the edges of over-dimension loads are required?

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When driving in narrow roadways, alleyways, and negotiating tight turns, drivers should?

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Drivers towing heavy trailers must?

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During operations a school bust must be inspected by a qualified person every?

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In a city, town or village you should never attempt:

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A clean bus is important. For safety's sake, the bus must be maintained?

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Tow trucks should only use flashing lights when?

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Anyone who handles, offers for transport, or transports dangerous goods must be?

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Transporting livestock should be done in such a manner or position as?

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While conducting your systematic inside vehicle check you should check?

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If a motorist unlawfully passes your school bus you should?

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What class license is required to operate a Taxi?

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Windshield wipers should be?

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What substance is not recommended for putting out gasoline fires?

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Prior to a stop a bus driver should activate their lights?

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A person wishing to operate a taxi must?

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If required fire extinguishers must be secured in?

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Combined weight means?

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A bus driver should only open the door of the bus to allow the students to leave when?

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Whenever possible, fight fires?

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How many times longer does it take to stop on ice and snow?

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By regulation, each school bus must be equipped with?

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During winter conditions air tanks should be drained?

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The maximum weights allowed on public highways and bridges is?

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How far may a tie-down device extend past the width prescribed or regulated by permit?

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If your trailer whips or swerves you should?

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A total loss vehicle operated on a highway must have?

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These rules include obeying speed limits, wearing seatbelts, and following proper signaling procedures. Professional drivers must also have a valid Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL) and adhere to specific requirements, such as regular vehicle inspections and mandatory rest periods. Additionally, the province has implemented a Zero Tolerance policy for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Professional drivers who violate these regulations risk losing their licence and facing severe consequences. Thus, all professional drivers in Quebec must understand and follow the province’s traffic rules to prevent accidents and ensure safety on the roads.

To begin your career in professional driving, you must obtain your Saskatchewan Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4 Professional Driver Licence.
These online practice tests were developed to help individuals study for their professional driver’s license. Our practice testing area is designed to help you learn the information on your actual written knowledge test and familiarize you with the testing format. All testing material is covered in the official Saskatchewan Professional Driver’s Handbook.

Potential drivers should be aware that specific circumstances, such as your driving record or a medical condition, may prevent you from securing employment in the transportation industry even if you meet all requirements.