Professional drivers in Quebec, Canada are required to follow strict traffic rules to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.


Saskatchewan Professional Driver Test 02

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During winter road conditions and approaching a curve, you should steer by?

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Every vehicle for conveying passengers shall have how many exits?

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It is permissible to drive off the roadway to pass?

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A circle check is best described as?

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If you travel appreciably slower than the tempo of traffic, you?

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How should you apply your brakes when coming to a stop on slippery surfaces?

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When driving at night and faced with glare you should?

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If flares are indicated for use they should be placed?

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What country does Canada have a medical reciprocity agreement with?

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How often must a hazardous materials training certificate be renewed?

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Bus passage may be refused to someone who is?

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A truck is defined by the manual as?

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During your circle check tires should be checked for?

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When attaching a safety chain or cable to a lead trailer they should be?

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You must be licensed for the _____ of vehicle you drive?

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You should not drive when you are?

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Backing a bus should be done with caution. While backing a driver should?

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When approaching a loading zone your speed should be?

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If your vehicle gets stuck on a railway crossing you should?

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When driving at night you should?

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Knowing that winter road surfaces may pose a hazard, smart drivers should?

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A trailer must not whip or swerve?

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It is recommend a driver should stop for a rest every?

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The prime consideration of a safe driver is?

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What should be used to put out a gasoline fire?

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Upon approaching of an emergency vehicle with flashing lights activated drivers are obligated to?

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If you are driving a taxi, police car, ambulance, or van, how many seconds of following distance should you allow?

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When parking downhill or uphill with no curb your wheels should be turned?

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Upon approaching an emergency vehicle stopped on the highway with lights activated you must slow to?

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If you have had only one alcoholic beverage before diving you should?

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Quebec’s highway safety code outlines regulations and standards that professional drivers must comply with, including speed limits, service hours, vehicle maintenance, and alcohol and drug testing. The maximum speed limit for trucks on Quebec’s highways is 100km/hr, and drivers must comply with specific hours of service regulations that limit the number of hours they can be on the road each day. Additionally, drivers must undergo regular safety inspections to ensure their vehicles are in good working order, including brakes, tires, and lights. Finally, alcohol and drug testing are mandatory for all professional drivers in Quebec to prevent impaired driving and ensure the safety of all road users. By adhering to these strict traffic rules, professional drivers contribute to a safer and more efficient transportation system in Quebec.

To begin your career in professional driving, you must obtain your Saskatchewan Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4 Professional Driver Licence.
These online practice tests were developed to help individuals study for their professional driver’s license. Our practice testing area is designed to help you learn the information on your actual written knowledge test and familiarize you with the testing format. All testing material is covered in the official Saskatchewan Professional Driver’s Handbook.

Potential drivers should be aware that specific circumstances, such as your driving record or a medical condition, may prevent you from securing employment in the transportation industry even if you meet all requirements.