The Saskatchewan Air Brake Test is an important requirement for any individual aspiring to operate a commercial vehicle in Saskatchewan, Canada.


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With automatic or self adjusting slack adjusters, they will normally remain properly adjusted with between two and four brake applications each day of what pressure?

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When the brakes are released, the angle formed by the slack adjuster arm and the pushrod should be greater than...?

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In a Type 30 air chamber, there is how much available stroke?

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If your vehicle has automatic or self adjusting slack adjusters, they should be checked...?

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If your unit does not have dead-end couplers to protect the service and supply lines from contamination when working without a trailer, you should...?

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During bobtail operation, if your tractor is equipped with a bobtail proportioning relay valve, you should be aware that to achieve the same braking force as when pulling a trailer...?

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If the trailer brakes away, the relay emergency valve will do what?

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Another name for the trailer supply valve is what?

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The trailer hand control valve should not be used for what?

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The service line port of the tractor protection valve will open at what air pressure?

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It is vital that brake adjustment be made when slack in a Type 30 brake chamber reaches what?

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If automatic or self adjusting slack adjusters are badly out of adjustment, it may take how many brake applications to adjust them?

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To adjust the brakes, you should turn the slack adjustment mechanism until the wheel stops rotating, then back it off how far?

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If you close the trailer supply valve manually, what will happen?

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The relay emergency valve on the trailer reservoir serves what purpose?

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Pushrod force will drop very rapidly after it exceeds...?

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The most efficient braking occurs when pushrod travel is...?

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The responsibility for checking brakes lies with...?

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A vehicle with poorly adjusted brakes can have a stopping distance up to how much longer than normal?

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When holding the foot brake fully down in a single unit, the maximum air loss after initial application must not exceed what in one minute?

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When you see a sign telling you to stop and check brakes before a downgrade, which of these should you check?

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When you have adjusted a manual slack adjuster, you should check that the slack adjuster and pushrod angle is no less than 90° with the brakes applied at...?

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Under what circumstances can you use the trailer brakes to hold a parked vehicle that is left unattended?

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When connecting glad hands, you should start with the couplers at what angle to each other?

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Trailer brakes 'dynamiting' is caused by what?

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The test validates a driver’s ability to operate an air brake system effectively, which is crucial in maintaining road safety. Saskatchewan has a long history of stringent safety regulations and requirements for commercial vehicle operators, including the air brake test. With the province being a vital transportation hub in Canada, maintaining proper air brake protocol is critical in ensuring the safety of the vehicle operator and other motorists on the road. In Saskatchewan, commercial vehicle drivers must pass the air brake test every four years to ensure they continue to possess the necessary skills to operate heavy vehicles safely. The province has made significant efforts to provide training and testing facilities and information and resources about air brake systems to promote awareness and education among commercial vehicle operators. With air brake safety being paramount in Saskatchewan, the province is committed to maintaining its high standards of safety on the roads for years to come. has prepared this Air Brake practice test to assist drivers in understanding air brake systems. This practice test and practical instruction will help drivers operate air brake-equipped vehicles before and after obtaining their Saskatchewan air brake endorsement A.

With information ranging from the essential operation of air brake systems to the use of both single and combination vehicles equipped with air brakes, this practice test includes everything you need to know about driving with air brakes safely and responsibly.

To successfully prepare, consider utilizing these exams and the official Saskatchewan “Air Brake Manual” to your advantage. The more knowledge you can attain, the better it will be for you once you decide to return to the license office to take the air brake license written knowledge test.