Air brakes are an essential part of ensuring road safety in Saskatchewan, Canada. These brakes are often used by larger vehicles such as trucks and buses to slow down or stop the vehicle during travel.


Saskatchewan Air Brake Test 02

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Under normal operating conditions the secondary reservoir operates...?

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Air dryer systems are useful in preventing what?

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On a dual circuit air brake system, the brakes will be applied by...?

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If the low pressure warning is activated, what should the driver do?

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A relay valve is installed to combat what?

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If a vehicle has a front wheel limiting valve, when activated it will reduce application pressure on the steering axle brakes by how much?

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Why are spring brake chambers preferred as parking brakes?

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The ratio valve will be found where?

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Which of these describes the way the spring brake works?

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When does the stop light switch come on?

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If your vehicle has an air dryer system, the reservoirs need to be drained...?

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Spring brakes will begin to drag at around what psi?

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A properly adjusted governor will cut in at what pressure below the cut out pressure?

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When blended air is used to supply the control valve in a dual circuit system, it is taken from the primary and secondary circuits through...?

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The tractor protection system is designed to do what?

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If one circuit on a dual circuit system fails, the other circuit will do what?

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The purpose of dual circuit air systems is what?

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A low pressure warning switch must be activated when the air pressure drops below what level?

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The double check valve that supplies the trailer supply valve takes its air from where?

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It's important that spring brakes are fully applied before...?

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The tractor protection system must be set to activate before system pressure drops below...?

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The air pressure gauge for an air brake system will be found where?

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Using wind off bolts to compress the power spring in spring brakes is known as what?

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The control button for the trailer supply valve is usually...?

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What does an anti-compound line do?

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In Saskatchewan, all drivers operating air-braked vehicles must have an air brake endorsement on their driver’s license. This endorsement requires the driver to pass a written knowledge and practical skills test to ensure they understand how to operate and maintain an air brake system. Furthermore, all commercial vehicles weighing 11,794 kg must have an air brake system installed by law. This is to help reduce accidents caused by brake failure due to driver error or mechanical issues. Regular air brake testing and maintenance ensure drivers can operate their vehicles safely and prevent catastrophic road accidents. As such, the Saskatchewan air brake test and endorsement system aim to promote safer roadways for all road users in the province. has prepared this Air Brake practice test to assist drivers in understanding air brake systems. This practice test and practical instruction will help drivers operate air brake-equipped vehicles before and after obtaining their Saskatchewan air brake endorsement A.

With information ranging from the essential operation of air brake systems to the use of both single and combination vehicles equipped with air brakes, this practice test includes everything you need to know about driving with air brakes safely and responsibly.

To successfully prepare, consider utilizing these exams and the official Saskatchewan “Air Brake Manual” to your advantage. The more knowledge you can attain, the better it will be for you once you decide to return to the license office to take the air brake license written knowledge test.