In Quebec, Canada, motorcycle riders are required to follow the same traffic rules and regulations as any other motor vehicle operator.


Quebec Motorcycle Test 03

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If you're riding in a group, there should be no more than you and how many others?

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A driver approaching signals that it is safe for you to make your turn. You should...?

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The last thing you should do before passing a car is...?

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How should you tell the angle at which railway tracks are going to cross your path?

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If you are travelling at 90 kmh and you take your eyes off the road for four seconds to look at a distraction, how far will you have travelled in that time?

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When you join a highway from an on ramp, you should adapt your speed to...?

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If you have a sleep deficit of 5 hours, this is likely to affect your riding as badly as...?

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You see an emergency vehicle coming up from behind in your mirrors when riding on a single lane highway. You should...?

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Riding in a group, the gap between rider #2 and rider #4 should be no less than...?

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The right third of a lane is best for...?

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It's important that the leader of a group is...?

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If you're riding in a group, the odd-numbered riders should be riding...?

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Which of these is the only thing you don't need to do when approaching an intersection?

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You should avoid using your horn when approaching...?

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When passing another vehicle, you should use your turn signals...?

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Which of these groups commit the most traffic offences?

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Due to the nature of the vehicle, which of these road users will get tired more quickly than the others?

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A heavy vehicle at an intersection is about to make a right turn, which you also want to make. You should...?

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Where should you be keeping a special lookout for pedestrians?

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There are workers ahead of you on a three lane highway by a vehicle with flashing lights. You should...?

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Which of these is not a good motivation for wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle?

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When exiting the highway, you should reach the speed indicated for the deceleration lane...?

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A driver coming towards you at an intersection is indicating that they will turn left. You can...?

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As you turn through an intersection, you should be focusing on...?

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Once you have joined the acceleration lane from an on ramp, you should position yourself...?

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When riding down a street where vehicles are parked along the curb, what's usually your safest option in terms of lane position?

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If you get tired when you're out on the road, you should...?

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Which of these is a good way of keeping your emotions in check when faced with heavy traffic?

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When you're riding with friends, a way of making sure nobody pushes too hard is to...?

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How should you park your motorcycle in a roadside parking space?

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All motorcycle operators and passengers must wear a helmet that meets the safety standards set by the Canadian government. Additionally, motorcycles must be equipped with rearview mirrors, turn signals, and an exhaust system compliant with noise and emission standards. One unique rule for motorcycle riders in Quebec is that it is illegal to lane split, which is the practice of riding between two lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic. This is enforced to ensure the safety of all motor vehicle operators on the road. Motorcycle riders must be aware of these rules and regulations to ensure their safety and avoid legal penalties.

This online practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the Quebec Motorcycle license written knowledge test required before you can get your Class 6R Learner’s Licence. This free practice written driving test is a lesson that is essential for getting your SAAQ Motorcycle Class 6R Learner’s Licence at your local licensing office.

To get this licence, you must first pass the SAAQ‘s knowledge test. You must prepare for the knowledge test independently and seriously. You must pay particular attention to it. To acquire the theoretical knowledge relevant to operating a motorcycle and to prepare for the knowledge test, it is recommended that you study the Operating a Motorcycle guide.