In Quebec, motorcycle riders must follow the same traffic rules as other motorists. This includes obeying speed limits, stopping at red lights and stop signs, and using turn signals when changing lanes or making turns.


Quebec Motorcycle Test 01

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Holders of learner or probationary licenses in Quebec are not permitted to ride with a blood-alcohol concentration of more than...?

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What percentage of your braking capacity is provided by your front brake?

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The front brake lever on your motorcycle should be operated with...?

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When pushing your motorcycle you should...?

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What do you use to operate the horn on the normal motorcycle?

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Skipping a gear when downshifting risks...?

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You're travelling at 50 kmh and need to slow down in a nonemergency situation. What's the first thing to do?

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What part of your feet should rest on the footrests as you ride?

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For how long must a person hold a Quebec Class 6A motorcycle license before taking a test for a full license?

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If a new driver accumulates four demerit points during the learner license period, how long will that license be suspended for (minimum)?

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On a normal five gear transmission, you will find neutral where?

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As you put your transmission into higher gear, you should release your clutch...?

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Where should you be looking when riding in a straight line?

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In normal riding, the ball of your right hand should be where, in relation to the throttle?

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When you are taking a curve, you should be focused on...?

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Not allowing your motorcycle to warm up properly before you head out risks...?

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Where would you usually find the engine emergency cut-off switch on your motorcycle?

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When making a turn at speeds below 25 kmh, you should lean...?

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When you're passing another vehicle, you shift from 3rd to 5th gear, missing out 4th. What effect will this have on the time it takes you to pass?

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You should release the clutch when changing gear...?

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When you make a turn on a motorcycle, what does centrifugal force do?

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When pushing your motorcycle with the engine off, you should stand...?

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As you ride, your knees should be...?

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As you go through a sharp slow turn, you should...?

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To negotiate a right-hand curve at speeds of more than 25 kmh, you should...?

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When you're starting to learn to ride a motorcycle, the best way to become competent is...?

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The choke on a motorcycle is used for what?

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A tachometer on your motorcycle will show...?

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When you come to a stop, you should be in which gear?

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If you have to brake in a curve, your braking distance will be...?

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Are you planning to take the Quebec motorcycle test? Do you want to know how SAAQ knowledge test practice can benefit you? If yes, you are in the right place. You must pass the knowledge test to get a learner’s license. However, a learner license will not enable you to operate your car independently. You will need the guidance of a licensed driver. But a Class 5 learner license can bring you closer to your full driving license.

However, the process will be time-consuming. Also, the preparation will demand your effort. The knowledge test will have multiple-choice questions. But it will cover many topics related to safe driving. You cannot pass the test if you do not understand the traffic rules and road signs. Hence, adequate preparation is necessary to perform well in your knowledge test. You can also consider SAAQ knowledge test practice to understand question types and patterns better.

For your preparation, you will find many materials online. You can go through all the possible sources. But make sure that you have covered the Quebec Driver Handbook. It has everything to make you a better driver. Also, all the knowledge test questions will come from this handbook.



SAAQ Knowledge Test PracticeTo get a driver’s license, you must understand the theoretical and practical aspects of driving. Undoubtedly, the road test will check your on-road driving skills. The examiner will observe your driving style. However, the knowledge test will check your theoretical knowledge about road rules.

Before taking the knowledge test, you must review the Drivers Handbook and the Highway Safety Code. You will have to remember the traffic signals and road signs. Apart from that, you will have to know the driving techniques. In brief, you must get all the required knowledge to drive safely.

The best thing about the knowledge test is that you can take it in different languages. You can take it in include English and French. Furthermore, you can write in Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic. But it would be best if you covered the road rules and safety laws regardless of your preferred language. You will have to try your best to pass the test on the first attempt itself. However, you can retake the knowledge test after twenty-eight days if you do not perform well.



As stated earlier, the test will have multiple-choice questions. Also, you will have one hour to write the knowledge test. It is worth mentioning that there will be two sections. One section will cover the road rules and the road signs. You will have sixteen questions in this section. If you can answer thirteen questions correctly, you can pass this section. In the next part, there will be questions about road situations. That means it will ask how you will manage particular situations while driving. There will be thirty-two questions in this section, and you must write twenty-six correct answers. In brief, there will be forty-eight questions in both. You will have to give 29 correct answers to pass the test.

Do you find it a bit hard? Yes, you might find it difficult without adequate preparation. You will have to do a thorough preparation. Also, you can consider taking practice tests.


Benefits of SAAQ Knowledge Test Practice

As it is your first driver’s license test, you might not feel confident. Also, you might not be aware of question types. If you take practice tests, you can understand the entire process better. There are many benefits of practice tests. If you have any doubt, you can look at the following.

  • Practice tests will help you to find out your improvement areas. Instead of writing a couple of practice tests, you can take as much as possible. More practice will boost your skills.
  • The practice tests can help to understand the question patterns. You will know what type of questions will come in the knowledge test.
  • Practice tests will make you confident. After writing practice tests, you will have an idea about the questions. You can confidently write your test and score well.

You can keep taking practice tests until you have scored well a few times. When you are confident about the preparation, you can plan for the next step. There is no point in writing the knowledge test without homework.

In addition to taking practice tests, you can consider driving your vehicle daily. With regular driving, you can remember the road signs and traffic rules. As a result, you can perform well both in the knowledge and drive tests.


When to Take the Knowledge Test

First, you will have to ensure that your preparation is thorough. Also, you will need plenty of SAAQ knowledge test practice before writing your knowledge test. Practice tests will make you better capable and more confident about your driving skills. Once you know the road rules, passing the test on the first attempt will be easier.

Additionally, giving yourself enough time to cover all the possible topics would be best. You cannot cover everything in a day or two. Therefore, you can make a plan to cover every detail before the test date. You will have to read the Driver Handbook a few times. You can consider taking the test when you are thorough about the outcome.


Wrapping It Up

The SAAQ motorcycle knowledge test will require extensive road rules and traffic signs knowledge. As it is your first driver’s license, read the Driver Handbook. You must read it several times to remember the road signs and rules. Once you are confident, you can write practice tests. Also, you will find many practice tests online. You can choose some reliable names to take the tests. Poor performance means you need more preparation. You can prepare more and write again until you have not scored well. You can take the knowledge test when you are confident about your skills.