Commercial drivers in Quebec, Canada are required to abide by strict traffic rules to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users.


Quebec Commercial Driver Test 06

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What is the recommended order of steps for pre-trip inspection?

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If a driver elects to drive for 15 hours in one shift and defer two hours of off-duty time to the next day and, what is the maximum number of hours he or she can drive the next day?

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A driver whose home terminal is Quebec City drives 140 km and finishes his shift in Shawinigan. On Tuesday and Wednesday he starts and finishes his shift at the Shawinigan terminal, making deliveries within a 160-km radius. On Thursday he makes deliveries and then travels 400 km to Saguenay. The operator keeps a record of the driver's hours. For which days would the driver need to fill out a daily log?

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A copy of the daily logs dating back to which time period must be kept in the vehicle?

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What is the recommended order for checking the components listed below?

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If a solo driver is using the sleeper berth to split his or her hours of off-duty time into two periods, what is the minimum length of one period?

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Which of the following statements is not true about extending normal working hours to perform vital winter road maintenance?

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If a driver makes multiple stops close together within a municipality, to simplify the daily log, the driver is permitted to:

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In which of the below scenarios would a driver not be permitted to extend his or her hours of driving time?

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Approximately how long should it take you to complete a pre-trip inspection of a tractor-semitrailer?

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Which of the following meets the requirements for a sleeper berth?

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Which component does not need to be checked when inspecting a straight truck?

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What is one of the main causes of accidents involving wheel loss?

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To test your air brake system for leaks, you should:

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Under which of the following circumstances would a driver be exempt from completing a pre-trip inspection?

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When inspecting your tires during the pre-trip inspection, you should not drive the vehicle under any circumstances if you discover:

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Holders of which type of licence are authorized to drive school buses?

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When checking the rearview mirrors in the pre-trip inspection, which of the findings is not serious enough to be noted in the report?

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Which of the vehicles below would be exempt from having to complete a pre-trip inspection?

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What is a T endorsement?

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Which is not one the conditions for having the daily log requirement waived?

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In addition to the pre-trip inspection, the industry recommends that safety checks be conducted how frequently during a trip?

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If you are conducting the pre-trip inspection of the trailer hitch and you find that there is damage to one of the components that could cause a breakaway, you should:

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Which defects should be entered in the pre-trip inspection report?

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Which of the following is considered a minor defect that should be repaired within 48 hours of being detected?

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What is an example of a major defect in the air brake system when completing the pre-trip inspection?

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A visual inspection check is normally sufficient for verifying the condition of which of the following components during a pre-trip inspection?

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What is the purpose of the pre-trip inspection?

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If the stop sign mounted to a school bus is not working properly, which of the following statements is true?

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It is considered an offence if:

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Speed limits are strictly enforced, and drivers must always wear seatbelts. Commercial drivers are also expected to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and not exceed the maximum weight limit for their vehicles. Additionally, they must obey traffic signals and signs and use caution when driving through construction zones or in adverse weather conditions. Failure to follow these regulations not only puts the driver’s safety at risk but can also result in severe penalties, including fines, license suspension, or even criminal charges in some cases. Therefore, commercial drivers in Quebec need to be vigilant and follow all traffic rules to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

To begin your career in commercial driving, you must obtain your Quebec Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4 Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence.
These online practice tests were developed to help individuals study for their Heavy Vehicle driver’s licence. Our practice testing area is designed to help you learn the information on your actual written knowledge test and familiarize you with the testing format. All testing material is covered in official Quebec’s ‘Driving a Heavy Vehicle‘ manual.