Traffic and road rules in Quebec are strict, but they ensure the safety of all drivers and pedestrians in the province. One significant difference between Quebec and other provinces in Canada is that drivers in Quebec must follow the right-of-way rules at all times, even in cases where there are no visible road signs indicating who has the right of way.


Quebec Traffic Rules Test 01

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Not giving a cyclist sufficient space for safety when passing in the same traffic lane can incur a fine of up to...?

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You're waiting to turn left at an intersection when you see an oncoming fire truck with lights on. There isn't enough room for it to get past you, you should...?

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What is the maximum number of demerit points the holder of a learner's license can accumulate before a license is suspended?

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Drivers with a probationary license must maintain a blood-alcohol concentration of less than...?

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Failure to carry your driver's license can result in a fine of up to...?

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Driving with an invalid license is punishable with a minimum fine of...?

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If your motor vehicle does not have two rearview mirrors, you can be fined up to...?

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The legal blood-alcohol limit in Quebec for drivers is...?

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An injured person should not be moved at an accident scene unless...?

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Failure to wear a seat belt results in how many demerit points on your license?

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Operating a vehicle equipped with a radar detector can result in a fine of up to...?

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If you drive too fast for the weather or traffic conditions, you can be fined up to...?

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Learner drivers must be accompanied by a person who has held a driver's license in Quebec for at least...?

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A learner driver with any alcohol in their body will be given how many demerit points?

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Racing on the highway will result in how many demerit points on your license?

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When a bus wishes to reenter the lane it was in prior to stopping, you must yield to it if the maximum speed limit on the road is less than...?

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If you refuse to provide a breath or blood sample when required by a law enforcement officer, s/he has the right to suspend your license immediately for...?

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When a school bus has its flashing red lights on or its stop sign extended, you must stop at least...?

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If you don't inform SAAQ of a change of address within 30 days you can be fined up to...?

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If you are approached by an emergency vehicle with lights flashing or siren on, you must...?

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When you see a school bus with flashing amber lights or hazard lights, you must...?

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If you are found drinking alcohol whilst driving a motor vehicle, you can be fined up to...?

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If you are found guilty of excessive speeding, your normal speeding fine it will be...?

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If you allow your vehicle to be used by someone whose license has been suspended for impaired driving, you can be fined up to...?

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Failing to stop for a school bus or minibus with flashing lights will result in how many demerit points on your license?

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Getting Ready For Your Driver's License Written Test

If you are a citizen living in Quebec, Canada, or just a newcomer with the intention of getting your Class 5 Driver’s License, then you have quite some preparations and tests that you have to pass and conquer.

The Class 5 Driver’s License is the type of license that shows that you are a true fully licensed driver and that you now have the freedom to drive your vehicle even without the presence of another fully licensed driver. It is a convenient and advantageous piece of document that can help you with your travel and driving needs.

In getting your driver’s license, the most important key that you have to complete is to pass the tests that would be given to you. There are three necessary tests that you need to take and pass. They are the:

  • Highway Safety Course with 8 questions
  • Road signs and Traffic Signal test with 8 questions
  • Tests of behaviors, passengers, and vehicle driving techniques with 12 questions


SAAQ Theory TestIn order to pass these exams, you must read and review the three learning guides where possible questions and situations can be included in the test questions:

Quebec Driver’s Manual and Handbook, which is available in both English and French versions

This manual gives all potential drivers and road users, even if they are civilians, passengers, cyclists, or drivers of any vehicle type, a summarization of the responsibilities, rights, and obligations of a license holder in order to share the road cooperatively. You can also find the following important matters in this manual:

  • Responsibilities and roles of a driver
  • Kinds of driver’s licenses
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Rules and regulations on the road
  • Directives about road equipment and vehicles
  • Driving offenses and their corresponding consequences
  • Accidents and safety protocols


Driving a passenger vehicle, also available in English and French versions

This guide is for new drivers studying for information about using an automobile, including the proper techniques and safety protocols on the road. This guide has 6 chapters that include:

  • The basics of controlling your vehicle
  • Visual scanning technique to see what is happening in the vehicle’s surrounding
  • Complex techniques that you can use for special or uncontrollable circumstances and events
  • Tips for road safety
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving tips and techniques
  • Evaluations that you can use to assess your growth and knowledge in driving

Road Access Binder, available in English and French versions and should be recognized and used by legitimate driving schools from the AQTr department. This document is the learning tool that helps aspiring drivers in their training at the driving programs at the school. It has all the information and materials that a potential driver should have to take the Road Safety Education Program.

This document will help the potential driver to be well-studied and prepared for the knowledge test and then, the road test. In this binder, potential drivers can also find the notes of the classroom projects and activities, explanatory records for the in-car study lessons, and more.



There are two kinds of evaluations that are used in determining whether the potential driver has the proper knowledge and skills to obtain their driver’s license. This evaluation helps the students and the school to keep track of the potential driver’s license holder’s weaknesses and strengths when it comes to their driving skills.


Theoretical Evaluation

This first evaluation is usually given at the end of the first phase of the driving lessons. It is a written exam given known as the SAAQ Theory Test which deals with the theories that are covered by the lessons so far. If a potential driver passed this examination, he or she will be given a student’s license and may continue in the next phase of the program. The next test will be given ten months after receiving the student’s license but unlike the first test that is given by the driving school, this written test must be taken in the SAAQ service center.


Practical Evaluation

The practical training evaluation is usually given by the driving schools on their in-car sessions and is typically done before the SAAQ actual road test. After twelve months of training and studying in the driving school, the student that has passed the written SAAQ Theory Test must go to the SAAQ service center to pass the SAAQ Road test and get their Class 5 driver’s license.



Before you take every test that you must complete and pass, you must remember the following guidelines:

  • You must get a hold of the learning guidelines mentioned and study them because the questions are coming from these documents and manuals.
  • If you fail the test, you must wait for another 28 days before you are allowed to retake the test
  • In line with your failure, you are to make another appointment date and pay an additional fee for you to be allowed in retaking the test.
  • The good news is you only have to retake the test that you have failed in passing.
  • For you to be able to take the test, you must have held a learner’s license for at least 10 months of training.
  • If you are having some doubts about taking the exams, you can try answering mock driving tests on the internet, but note that they may not be the actual questions that could show up on the real tests.



Having the right knowledge and mindset on taking the driving tests, may it be written or practical, is a very important factor that could help you in completing and actually passing the tests and getting your Class 5 driver’s license. All you need to do is study the given guidelines and remember all the rules and regulations on the road that you need to follow and what you might get if you neglect to do it. It is important to not only know these things by the book but to practice every theory and instruction given to you so that you, your passenger, other drivers, and pedestrians on the road can have a safe and fun trip without the worry of accidents and unfortunate events.