As a commercial driver in Ontario, it is important to understand and abide by traffic rules to ensure safety on the roads. One key rule to keep in mind is the maximum speed limit that commercial drivers must adhere to, which is generally 105 km/h on highways and 90 km/h on other roads.


Ontario Truck Test 05

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Tire tread should measure in:

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When a commercial driver turns 65 in Ontario, medical reports are due how often?

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Single Motor Farm Vehicles:

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What level inspection must be done before a driver leaves for the day:

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Commercial motor vehicles are restricted in width to a limit of:

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How often is the driver required to inspect his vehicle?

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Class A allowed to drive

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What is Gross weight?

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The Highway Traffic Act states that any load overhanging the rear of a vehicle by_________ or more should be marked by a red light when lights are required.

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For the Ontario road test you must provide which of the following?

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What information the Ontario mandated CVOR records contains?

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To learn to drive commercial vehicles in Ontario you must have which of the following?

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__________ are designed to work when you are parking your vehicle or in an emergency when your service brakes fail.

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What is the most frequent reason vehicles are removed from service by mechanics or inspectors:

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Carriers in each province must carry:

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A ____ air brake endorsement is required on a driver's licence to operate any air brake equipped motor vehicle.

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Tread depth on the rear tire must not be less than:

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Operators are responsible for having each of their vehicles and trailers inspected _________ by a licensed motor-vehicle inspection mechanic:

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An applicant for a class A or D driver's licence must:

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A driver cannot drive more than ___ hours in a day.

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A daily log may be:

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You should not activate the differential lock when the wheels are actually spinning.

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If a driver is not required to keep a daily log, the operator shall keep a record for the day showing:

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CVOR stands for:

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If you are caught driving while your licence is suspended for a Criminal Code offence, the vehicle you are driving will be impounded for a minimum of ___ days.

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Shift into a lower gear when going down long, steep hills.

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Who may perform truck inspections:

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NSC Carriers are monitored by:

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A driver is required to complete a vehicle inspection every ________ period and monitor the vehicle's condition throughout the trip.

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Vehicle impoundments apply regardless of whether the vehicle is:

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