Ontario has strict laws against impaired driving, and drivers are subject to testing if they are suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is vital for everyone to respect and follow these rules to ensure road safety for all.


Ontario Driving Test - Rules 3

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Are drivers responsible for their passengers buckling up?

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Unless you want to turn left or pass another vehicle, you should…?

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In Ontario, you must wear a seatbelt…?

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If the signal light changes from green to amber as you approach an intersection, what should you do?

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Upon approaching a yield sign, what does the law require you to do?

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Fully licensed drivers - You may be required to attend an interview and re-examination of your driving ability if you accumulate…?

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If you are 80 years of age or older, you are required to renew your driver's licence every…?

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When it is safe to do so, passing other vehicles on their right side…?

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What should you do when a car is stopped at a marked crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross?

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Rules for both the G1 & G2 license holders include…?

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When meeting oncoming vehicles with bright headlights at night:

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A person whose driver license is under suspension, may…?

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Fully licensed driver who talks, texts, types, dials or emails using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices face fines of up to...?

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The fine for not using a child car seat or booster seat as required by law is…?

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Fully licensed drivers - At 15 demerit points:

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A school bus with red signal lights flashing is stopped on a highway that has no median strip. What does the law require you to?

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Motorcyclists are entitled to the use of…?.

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It is more dangerous to drive at the maximum speed limit at night than during the day because…?

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When does the law require lights on vehicles to be turned on?

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If you register a BAC from ___________ (known as the 'warn range') you will receive an immediate driver's licence suspension.

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When deciding to make a U turn, your first consideration should be to check…?

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A broken line at the left of your lane means…?

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The hand-and-arm signal for slowing or stopping is…?

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When lights are required, drivers must switch to low beam headlights when following another vehicle at what distance?

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Fully licensed drivers - The Ministry of Transportation may suspend your license after a 9-points interview…?

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If two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time, the right-of-way should be given to…?

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Pedestrians walking on a highway should normally walk…?

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Winter traction is affected by slippery conditions; in winter drivers should drive…?

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What must a driver do before entering a highway from a private road or driveway?

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You are approaching an intersection on a main road, and the intersection is blocked with traffic. You should…?

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Get Ready For Ontario Written Driving Test With G1 Test Online Practice Quiz

It is essential for a person of age to have and to own their driver’s license. May it be that you are owning your own vehicle, or don’t have one, it is important that you have one with you because it can be used as a legal document or a piece of someone’s identification.

A driver’s license is a legal document and authorization given to a person to operate and use one or more motorized vehicles such as personal cars, vans, trucks, or buses on public roads. Some places require every member of their community to have a driver’s license once they have reached the legal age.

In Ontario, Canada, there are 12 types of class licenses that can give you permission to drive certain vehicles. You must get these class licenses so that you can be able to drive different vehicles for it may be illegal if you don’t have one.


Graduated Licensing

G1 Test OnlineIf you are in the legal age and are about to apply for a driver’s license for your motorcycle or your first car, this is the kind of license you must first have. This is your first step on learning the basics of driving and get experience eventually.

In applying for this license, you must be 16 years old, which is the legal driving age in Canada, and pass two kinds of tests, which are the vision and basic knowledge of road signs and traffic rules. If you pass these tests, you may be given the Class G1 license, then go apply for the next classes.


Your next steps…

In these next steps in applying for more advanced licenses, you must now show more legal and original documents, plus, you must pay a certain fee that covers all that is you need like the tests and a five-year fee for your license. Though if you didn’t pass the first tests, you are charged another set of fees for other tests.


The driving tests

The driving tests are a set of tests that will determine if you are ready to have your license. For example, if you are getting your graduated licenses (G1 and G2), you have to undergo different kinds of tests:


Level One (for Class G1)

At this level, you are encouraged to take part in the 12 monthly training for the proper driving skills and road knowledge. This can give you gain more driving experience and approve a certain course that can shorten the length of your Level One training.


G1 knowledge test examination

In taking this g1 test online, you must have studied the Official Driving Manual or Handbook of the MTO. If you have passed this test, and a road test for your level, you can now have your G1 license. Make sure that you have the following items with you:

  • 2 valid identification papers or documents
  • Money for your test fees
  • Contact lenses or glasses if ever you need one in driving


G1 exit test

If you are now interested in getting your G2 license, you must pass this exit test. You also have to study the Official Driver’s Manual or Handbook and prepare the following items for your tests:

  • Your own vehicle that is in good order
  • Money for driving tests fees
  • Contact lenses or glasses if ever you need one in driving
  • Arrive 30 minutes at least before your test appointment


Level Two (for Class G2)

This level is more advanced than the G1 class and can give you more privileges in your driving experience.

If you have your G2 license, you can now:

  • Have one passenger aged 19 or under for the first six months
  • Have three passengers aged 19 or under for the next six months


Road Tests

In this test, you are to be tested on your ability to follow the rules and regulations, and safety practices for driving. You can schedule an appointment at any of the driving centers in your area. And make sure that you bring your appropriate vehicle in its proper condition and plated.

For Level one drivers, it is a must to have an accompanying driver with you. All road tests are timed and you are not allowed to be coached during the tests.

If you are done with the test, you will be given the result or report of your examination and the mistakes that you might have done. If you fail this test, you will be given the report on which you have to improve, and you can take a test again but with 10 days interval.


G2 exit test

If you are interested in getting the more advanced license, you can now have the exit test for the G2. But it is required that you have passed the road test first before you are to be given this test. In preparation for this you must bring the following items with you:

  • Your own vehicle that is in good order
  • Money for driving tests feeS
  •  Contact lenses or glasses if ever you need one in driving
  • Arrive 30 minutes at least before your test appointment

Remember that you must be able to complete a Declaration of Highway Driving Experience Form and describing the road test that you have experienced.

For new Ontario Residents

If you are to be a new Ontario, Canada Resident, and you have a driver’s license from the place that you are from, you can use that for the next first 60 days, then you can get a permanent license if you want to have one, just make sure to pass all the needed requirements for your application.

Getting your driver’s license is an important job to do and requires a lot of effort, time, and resources. Make sure that you are ready not only physically, but also emotionally and have a good mindset of what you are going to do. Remember that safety is always an important part of the whole process and being in the right way of things will help you get your goal. This will give you peace of mind and excellence in everything you do.