Bus drivers should have excellent communication skills to interact professionally and effectively with passengers, colleagues, and other drivers on the road. Bus drivers need to adhere strictly to traffic rules, regulations, and schedules, ensuring that they run on time and safely. It’s a highly rewarding career that demands excellent driving skills, customer service skills, and a high level of responsibility.


Ontario Bus Driver Test 06

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The responsibility for the safety of the passengers on a school bus rests with...?

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When a school bus is moving in hot summer weather, the doors should be...?

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If you fail to stop at an unprotected railway crossing when driving a bus, you will receive how many demerit points on your licence?

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Motorists approaching from behind when you are loading or unloading passengers with red signal lights flashing must stop at least how far behind your school bus?

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Class B and E (school bus) licence holders may only accumulate how many points before their licence is suspended?

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The school bus stopping law applies to...?

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When you're stopped at a red light, you must not move forward until...?

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When stopping a school bus to load or unload passengers, you should turn on your upper alternating red signal lights...?

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Passengers leaving a school bus should only cross in front of the bus at a distance of at least...?

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If you accumulate 15 points on your driver's licence, it will be suspended for...?

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When you drive a regular school bus, you should arrange with the school administration that evacuation procedures are practiced at the beginning of the school year and then...?

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When you are crossing railway tracks, you must not...?

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If you're faced with a flashing red light, it means you must...?

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If you change your name or address from the one on your driver's licence, you must inform the Ministry of Transportation within...?

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Unless a sign prohibits it, you may turn right on a red light provided you...?

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Once your school bus is stopped at a railway crossing, you must...?

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Transit vehicles have priority when a transit priority signal is on top of your regular traffic signal. What does it look like?

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If you approach an intersection and the traffic lights are out of order, you should...?

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School buses must always stop at railway crossings, regardless of the state of any warning devices. They must stop at least how far from the nearest rail?

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A flashing yellow light at the traffic light means...?

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Who is responsible for keeping a school bus clean?

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Motorists approaching a school bus which is stopped with its red signal lights flashing must stop before reaching the bus unless...?

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You should not use your flashing red lights or stop arm on a school bus unless you are at least what distance from any intersection?

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When a school bus is in motion, passengers should be seated...?

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If you wish to report a driver for illegal passing of a school bus, you should do so to...?

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When you stop to unload passengers from a school bus, you should make sure you have a clear view of the road in each direction for at least...?

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If you try to escape the police when they have ordered you to stop, your licence will be suspended for a minimum of...?

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A vehicle requires regular inspections under the Highway Traffic Act if it is operated by or under contract to a school board or other authority in charge of a school for the transportation of how many children, adults with a developmental disability or a combination of both?

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First-time driving offenders under the Ontario Criminal Code will receive a licence suspension for at least...?

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Who is responsible for making sure that you have a valid Ontario driver's licence?

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This practice test is designed to help drivers who want to apply for licences to operate buses, school buses and ambulances in Ontario. To begin your career in bus driving you must obtain your Ontario Class C, Class F, Class B, or Class E Bus Driver’s Licence. To obtain these licences, you are required to successfully complete a written knowledge test. Making certain you are adequately prepared for your written knowledge test will prevent you from wasting time and money. Taking practice bus driver’s licence tests is the best way to get prepared.

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