a bus driver needs to perform pre and post-trip inspections on their vehicle, ensure that their passengers are secure, and maintain communication with dispatch and other drivers. Being a bus driver also requires a certain degree of physical stamina, as the role often involves sitting for extended periods of time while operating heavy machinery. 


Ontario Bus Driver Test 05

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When passing a snowplow, you should be aware that the wing on its right can extend as much as how far across the road?

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Warning signs have...?

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By law, the police must be informed when a collision involves injuries or damage to vehicles or property exceeding...?

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If you see a sign on the rear of a vehicle consisting of an orange triangle with a red border, this tells you that vehicle will be traveling at...?

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If you are involved in a collision when nobody is injured and the damage to property and vehicles is less than $2000, you are still legally obliged to...?

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If you use any handheld communication or entertainment device (except for a handheld two-way radio) whilst driving a bus, you can face a fine of up to...?

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If a fire vehicle or ambulance responding to a call is in any lane going in the same direction as you ahead, it is illegal to follow them within...?

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If you transgress a traffic regulation when driving through a construction zone, your fine will be...?

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What color are school zone signs?

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If you see a yellow placard with a picture of a double trailer on it on the back of a vehicle, that vehicle may be up to what length?

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If a sign is green with white lettering, it is giving you...?

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Visual warning devices placed on the road when you have broken down must be visible for how far in both directions?

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When are collisions involving drowsiness most likely to happen?

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A conviction for careless driving can result in jail time of up to...?

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The very first thing you should do in a collision is...?

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If you fail to follow the rules on emergency vehicles, for a first offence you can be fined up to...?

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A sign with a green circle means you...?

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Which of these drivers is most dangerous on the road?

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If you are approaching a traffic light which is on amber, this means you should...?

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Stop signs in Ontario are red with white lettering and what shape?

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When you are broken down, flares, lamps, lanterns or portable reflectors should be placed at what distance from the front and rear of your vehicle?

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What color lights do snowplows carry as a warning that they are ahead?

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For which of these flashing lights should you pull over?

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Driving while using non-hands-free cellular phones and viewing display screens unrelated to driving is prohibited...?

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When you are sleepy, which of these will return you to full competence?

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Under what circumstances may a bus use a high occupancy vehicle lane?

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If you stall or break down on the highway and cannot restart, you should...?

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If you see red or red/blue flashing lights or hear the bells or sirens of an emergency vehicle approaching from either direction, you must immediately...?

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Signs warning of unusual temporary conditions (e.g. roadworks, lane closures etc.) are what color?

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You are involved in a collision in which the damage to vehicles and other property exceeds $10,000, although no one is injured. The first thing you should do is...?

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This practice test is designed to help drivers who want to apply for licences to operate buses, school buses and ambulances in Ontario. To begin your career in bus driving you must obtain your Ontario Class C, Class F, Class B, or Class E Bus Driver’s Licence. To obtain these licences, you are required to successfully complete a written knowledge test. Making certain you are adequately prepared for your written knowledge test will prevent you from wasting time and money. Taking practice bus driver’s licence tests is the best way to get prepared.

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