The job of a bus driver in Ontario requires a special license and the responsibility of transporting passengers from one destination to another safely and efficiently. A typical work day for a bus driver involves a variety of duties, such as navigating a predetermined route, adhering to traffic laws and regulations, and providing excellent customer service.


Ontario Bus Driver Test 04

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What is the limit on the standees on a city bus?

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If your bus is equipped with ABS, you can expect your stopping distance to be shortened by...?

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You should switch to low beam headlights when you get within what distance of an oncoming vehicle at night?

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While coordinating the clutch and accelerator when starting your bus, you should hold the vehicle with...?

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If fog suddenly descends and visibility declines rapidly, you should...?

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If you have to drive on roads covered in snow, you should avoid...?

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As temperatures drop below freezing, which of these areas will freeze first?

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When following another vehicle at night, you should switch to low beam headlights before you get within what distance of it?

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In foggy conditions, what lighting should you use?

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You do not need to keep the daily log if your driving does not take you further away than a radius of what distance from your start point?

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What is the greatest number of on-duty hours a bus driver can accumulate in a 14 day consecutive cycle?

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If you start to skid on a very slippery surface, you should...?

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The best place to learn how to use antilock braking systems is...?

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What are the most on-duty hours a bus driver can undertake in a seven consecutive day cycle?

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If you are driving towards an oncoming vehicle with bright headlights, you should look...?

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Which of these is the only element which it is not compulsory to include on your daily log?

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In foggy conditions, you should...?

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Whatever cycle you are driving on, you must not drive unless you have had at least 24 consecutive off-duty hours at some point in the preceding...?

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After driving through water, you should test your brakes when safe to do so by stopping quickly and firmly from...?

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If you are driving on a 14 consecutive day cycle, after you have accumulated 70 hours on duty you must not continue to drive until you have had at least what period of consecutive off-duty hours?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible to keep the front access door of a bus open when moving?

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Most skids are a result of...?

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Pavement is most slippery in a rainstorm...?

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If your bus becomes stranded in severe weather, you should...?

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As soon as bad weather is encountered, you should...?

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Why should you avoid driving through puddles in rainy conditions?

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Before you start a new seven-day cycle, it is compulsory that you have how many consecutive hours off duty?

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You should be especially cautious in low temperatures if the road ahead looks...?

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If you are caught on icy roads with manual transmission and conventional tires, starting off may be easier if you start with the gear lever in...?

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Before you start a new 14 day cycle, it is compulsory for you to have how many consecutive hours off duty?

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This practice test is designed to help drivers who want to apply for licences to operate buses, school buses and ambulances in Ontario. To begin your career in bus driving you must obtain your Ontario Class C, Class F, Class B, or Class E Bus Driver’s Licence. To obtain these licences, you are required to successfully complete a written knowledge test. Making certain you are adequately prepared for your written knowledge test will prevent you from wasting time and money. Taking practice bus driver’s licence tests is the best way to get prepared.

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