In addition to driving, bus drivers are responsible for inspecting their vehicles before and after each trip, reporting any issues, and following strict schedules. Overall, a bus driver in Ontario, Canada must be highly competent, responsible, and committed to providing excellent service to their passengers.


Ontario Bus Driver Test 03

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At a railway crossing with a train coming, you should stop at least how far from the nearest rail?

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When passing a cyclist in a bus, you should where practical give them a distance gap of at least...?

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School buses must stop at railway crossings...?

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Which of these counts as on duty hours for a bus driver?

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If your bus gets stopped on a railway crossing, the first thing to do is...?

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For safety, cyclists are permitted to use...?

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Failing to leave an adequate gap for a cyclist may result in a fine of up to...?

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With certain exceptions, a bus driver must have how many off-duty hours per day?

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If you start to skid, you should release the brakes and...?

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You should be especially cautious for children running in the road at...?

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With certain exceptions, what is the maximum number of hours a bus driver can drive in a day?

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Which of these is exempt from hours of service regulations?

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You should always remember that the average car driver probably does not appreciate that you may need how much more stopping distance than them?

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If you are turning left, you must yield right-of-way to...?

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When considering whether or not to cross a railway crossing, you should remember that a train, even under full emergency braking, can take up to how long to come to a stop?

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When smaller, faster vehicles try to pass, you should...?

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Motorcycles and mopeds have a right to use...?

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If you have exhaust or engine brake retarders fitted to your bus, you should be aware that...?

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A commercial vehicle driver is regarded as being on duty except when...?

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Railway crossings on public roads in Ontario are marked with what?

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On wet, slippery and icy roads, you should...?

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A bus driver has spent two hours cleaning and inspecting their vehicle. How many hours are they permitted to drive that day?

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At an intersection with stop signs at all corners, right-of-way belongs to...?

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You are approaching an intersection without signs or lights. Right-of-way belongs to...?

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Except when overtaking and passing another vehicle, when you are driving your bus on a highway at a speed in excess of 60 km/h, the minimum distance, by law, which you must keep between yourself and other vehicles is...?

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When waiting for pedestrians at specially marked pedestrian crossings or crossovers, you may not pull away until...?

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When you are entering the road from a private road or driveway, you must yield to...?

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You are approaching a yield sign but can see no pedestrians or vehicles. You should...?

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When pulling out from a bus bay, you should...?

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In order to drive a bus for 13 hours, you must have had at least how many hours off duty prior to this period?

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This practice test is designed to help drivers who want to apply for licences to operate buses, school buses and ambulances in Ontario. To begin your career in bus driving you must obtain your Ontario Class C, Class F, Class B, or Class E Bus Driver’s Licence. To obtain these licences, you are required to successfully complete a written knowledge test. Making certain you are adequately prepared for your written knowledge test will prevent you from wasting time and money. Taking practice bus driver’s licence tests is the best way to get prepared.

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