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Ontario Air Brake Test 03

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Which of these will not be a factor on how your vehicle's brakes work?

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You will place abnormal demand on your brake system if you...?

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Which of these parts would you not find on a wedge air brake system?

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The Ontario Highway Traffic Act requires that vehicles with air brakes must be checked at least once...?

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In the 'S' cam brake system, what does a brake spider hold?

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If a vehicle is found to be noncompliant with the safe operation requirements in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, which of these sanctions may be applied?

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How are wedge brake systems different to other drum brake systems?

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Wedge brake systems are designed to be...?

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Which of these circumstances is not likely to increase the operating temperature of the brakes?

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Inspections of air brake systems should begin by checking...?

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A vehicle should have wheel chocks or blocks securing it in place during inspection if...?

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When making an inspection of an air brake system, drivers should wear...?

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When you double your speed, the demand on your brakes to come to a stop will increase by how much?

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If a vehicle fails to comply with the specific requirements for the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles as set out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, the driver, operator and/or owner of the vehicle must...?

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Excessive brake temperature can be avoided in vehicles which are fitted with...?

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When conducting an inspection of an air brake system, the vehicle should be parked...?

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For safety, the full capacity of the brake system must be available...?

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Which of these parts would you find on a disk air brake system?

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When making any inspection, drivers should be on guard for...?

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Brakes that are out of adjustment can be detected by...?

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What does the 'S' shape on the one end of the camshaft operate in the 'S' cam system?

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Which of these is essential to ensure that full braking force is available?

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Which of these is not a part of a disc air brake system?

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What does an ABS system do?

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In extreme cases, brake fade can lead to...?

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When towing a trailer, you will usually be able to tell if it is employing ABS by...?

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Which of these parts would you not find on an 'S' cam air brake system?

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Brake fade is caused by...?

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Which of these significantly decreases the brake force produced at the wheel?

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The best way to reduce harsh brake use is to...?

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