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Ontario Air Brake Test 02

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If you notice that your brake system has caging bolts on it, what should you do?

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Service line couplings are usually color coded which color?

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Which of these is not the type of foundation brake system?

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When the tractor protection valve is opened, it allows air to...?

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Trailer brake subsystems supply air...?

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Trailer hand valves can be used for...?

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What do the foundation components consist of?

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Trailer service brakes can be operated by...?

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Which of these can cause the air pressure to drop and so activate the spring brakes?

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Which of these trailers can be towed without waiting for the service brake air tanks to fill?

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In the majority of air brake systems, the parking and emergency brakes are applied by doing what to the control?

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What is a 'gladhand'?

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When attaching a trailer, the supply line is usually color-coded what color?

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Which of these statements applies to spring brakes?

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The trailer supply valve will close automatically when air pressure drops below...?

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Air brake systems on a trailer have which of these components?

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How many connections must be made to join a trailer's brake system to the brake system of the towing vehicle?

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'S' cam brakes use which sort of system?

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Trailer brake subsystems must apply the spring brakes automatically when the trailer supply line pressure drops below...?

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On which of these vehicles are you most likely to find a DD3 Safety Actuator?

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A DD3 Safety Actuator has how many air line connections?

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You have finished your delivery and unhitched from your trailer. What should you do with the trailer supply valve?

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The spring brake controls are normally what color?

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If a spring brake priority trailer loses air to the service brakes, the trailer can only be braked by...?

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If trailer lines are cross connected, which of these may happen with the trailer brakes?

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You should ascertain whether a trailer uses a spring brake or service brake priority system by...?

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A caging bolt is used by a technician to do what?

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To release the spring brakes on a vehicle with a DD3 Safety Actuator, you must operate the control valve and then do what?

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The tractor protection valve on towing vehicles is designed to do what?

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The trailer supply valve is usually operated from the dashboard by a control with a knob of which color?

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