In Nunavut, Canada, traffic and road rules are extremely important to ensure safe and efficient travel. Due to the vast and remote nature of the territory, many roads in Nunavut are unpaved and maintained by local communities.


Nunavut Traffic Rules Test 04

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Typically, between identifying hazards and taking appropriate action, what time will elapse?

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Which of these would affect the amount of traction your vehicle can gain on the road?

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The ideal speed on any road is...?

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Why is it illegal to coast downhill in neutral or with the clutch in?

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Stopping behind another vehicle at an intersection, what gap should you leave between your vehicle and it?

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When you go around a curve, inertia will force you off the road if you...?

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When you go round a curve, inertia will try to keep you...?

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You should increase the amount of space you leave around your vehicle if...?

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What percentage of injurious/fatal collisions occur at intersections?

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In ideal conditions, a vehicle stopped at an intersection will take how long to cross when going straight ahead?

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In bad weather conditions, your following distance should become at least...?

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Before you make a backing maneuver, you must check...?

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Approaching a sharp curve where you can't see very far ahead, you should...?

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You should increase your following distance if...?

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As you drive, you should keep at least how much clear space on each side of your vehicle?

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If you are stopped at an intersection and turning right, how long would it take you to make the turn and get your speed up to 50 km/h?

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On a multilane road, the safest lane is often...?

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Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed permitted outside towns and cities in Nunavut is...?

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You want to back out of the driveway and can't see the sidewalk. You should...?

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You should leave a following distance (in ideal conditions) between your vehicle and the vehicle in front so that when the other vehicle's rear bumper passes a fixed point, you do not reach that point for...?

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Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit in towns and cities in Yukon is...?

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Someone decides to illegally overtake you on a sharp curve, what should you do?

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Driving a vehicle with a high center of gravity, such as a camper van, should make you do what on curves?

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To help keep your line in a curve, you should start to accelerate when you have completed...?

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On a two lane road you should position yourself...?

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Drivers need to be aware of this and adjust their driving accordingly. In addition, Nunavut has a high wildlife population, such as polar bears, caribou, and muskoxen, which poses a potential hazard for drivers. Therefore, drivers must be vigilant and cautious when driving where wildlife may be present. Furthermore, Nunavut’s harsh winter weather conditions can make road travel even more challenging. Drivers must be prepared and equipped with suitable vehicles and winter tires and adhere to speed limits during the icy and snowy season. Finally, Nunavut has a Zero Tolerance Policy for drinking and driving. It is a criminal offense to drive with any amount of alcohol in your system, and this law is strictly enforced across the territory. Overall, following traffic and road rules in Nunavut is crucial for the safety of drivers, passengers, and wildlife alike.

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