Motorcyclists in Manitoba, Canada must follow the same traffic rules as all other drivers on the road, with some additional regulations specific to motorcycles.


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Which of these non-driving offences can result in having your Manitoba driving privileges revoked?

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When you obtain your first driver's license in Manitoba, where are you placed on the Driver Safety Rating scale?

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An impaired driving related Criminal Code offence can see a driver moved how many levels down the Driver Safety Rating scale?

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How many levels are there on the Manitoba Driver Safety Rating scale?

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When you achieve a full (6F) Manitoba driver license, you are still subject to the same blood-alcohol concentration restrictions as you were when a learner for how long?

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Which of these will result in a three-month administrative license suspension?

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If you are stopped and found to have a blood alcohol concentration between .05 and .08, and it is the second time this has happened within 10 years, how long will your license be suspended?

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How many license suspensions for driving while impaired within a 10-year period will make it compulsory to complete an Impaired Driver Assessment at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba?

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If your license is suspended in Manitoba, which of these is the only vehicle you are not banned from using?

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If something forces you to leave the road surface, before you leave the pavement you should do what?

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Any suspension of your license will move you down the Driver Safety Rating scale by how many levels?

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You can be charged with driving while impaired if your blood-alcohol concentration is more than...?

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If you are convicted of offences related to driving while impaired under the criminal code, what is the minimum fine you can receive?

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Alcohol or drug impairment affects...?

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Most motorcycle skids are caused by what?

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If a Criminal Code offence that would normally result in a license suspension is committed by a person under 16, what happens?

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It's not legal to drive your motorcycle when impaired. Which of these other vehicles can you drive when impaired?

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Under which of the circumstances will a vehicle being driven by a suspended driver not be impounded?

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Which of these will help to eliminate alcohol and make you safe for riding faster?

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A novice driver who exceeds the prescribed blood alcohol concentration for their status will immediately receive what?

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The first thing to do if your throttle sticks is what?

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If you are convicted of offences relating to driving while impaired under the criminal code, what is the maximum license suspension you can receive?

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Taking which of these drugs could result in you being charged with driving while impaired?

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In a slow speed skid, you should do what?

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How long do you have to drive without convictions or at fault claims before moving up a level on the Manitoba Driver Rating scale?

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If a vehicle is impounded due to the user being suspended from driving, who is liable for the costs of towing, storage and impoundment?

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Your place on the Manitoba Driver Rating scale will affect which of these?

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If you drive while suspended in Manitoba, you can receive a prison sentence of up to...?

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A novice driver in Manitoba will be subject to sanction if s/he has a blood alcohol concentration of more than...?

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Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs are responsible for approximately what percentage of traffic fatalities in Manitoba?

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All riders must wear a helmet that meets Canadian safety standards. Manitoba law also requires motorcyclists to display a front and rear license plate, obey all posted speed limits and traffic signs, and signal their intentions when turning or changing lanes. Additionally, lane splitting – the practice of riding between rows of stopped or slowed traffic – is illegal in Manitoba. Riders should also be mindful of their visibility to other drivers, taking extra precautions to ensure they are seen on the road. To obtain a motorcycle license in Manitoba, individuals must take written and practical exams, demonstrating knowledge of motorcycle safety and proper riding technique. Following these rules and safety measures, motorcyclists can help ensure safe and enjoyable riding experiences in Manitoba.

This online practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the Manitoba Motorcycle Class 6 Knowledge Test required before you can get your Class 6 motorcycle licence. This free practice written test is a lesson that is essential for getting your motorcycle licence at your local licensing office.

A Class 6 supplementary knowledge test on the safe operation of a motorcycle is required. Anyone applying for their first motorcycle learner’s license on or after January 1, 2003, must complete an approved motorcycle training course to qualify for a Class 6 Learner (L) Stage licence.