When it comes to traffic rules for motorcycles in Manitoba, riders must abide by the same rules as other vehicles on the road.


Manitoba Motorcycle Test 01

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Where will you normally find the controls for your headlights on a motorcycle?

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Which of these is an acceptable substitute for goggles or a clear face shield for eye protection?

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If a cable is frayed, you should...?

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When you release the throttle of your motorcycle, it should...?

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When should you check the tire pressures on your motorcycle?

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Your handgrips must not be more than how far above the seat, when you are sitting on the motorcycle?

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What is the minimum width for motorcycle handlebars?

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Which of these is it compulsory to have on your instrument panel?

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Which of these is the best color for motorcycle clothing in terms of visibility?

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Your rear license plate must be illuminated with what color of light?

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On a normal motorcycle, you would operate the clutch with...?

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On a dry, smooth, level road, your brakes must be capable of stopping your bike from 30 kmh within...?

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If your motorcycle has a kickstart, where would you usually expect to find it?

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What's the minimum depth for motorcycle tires?

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You should always mount your motorcycle from...?

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As a minimum, your motorcycle boots should reach at least...?

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A motorcycle is too heavy for you unless...?

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You must have front and rear signal lights if your motorcycle was built after the year...?

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Which of these riders is the only one permitted not to wear a helmet?

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As you ride, your feet should be on the foot pegs and...?

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A motorcycle is not a good fit for you unless...?

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When you're seated on the motorcycle, how much play should there be (minimum) at the centre of the chain?

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In your normal riding position, you should be...?

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If your helmet has a crack in it, under what circumstances can you still use it?

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What is the choke on a motorcycle used for?

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If you don't want to wear leather, what is an acceptable alternative for your motorcycle clothing?

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If you have to stretch to reach the controls when sitting comfortably, you should...?

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Under normal conditions your horn must be audible from what distance?

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On a normal motorcycle, you operate the front brake using...?

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What's the maximum number of headlamps permitted on a motorcycle?

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This includes following posted speed limits and traffic signals, signaling when changing lanes or turning, and yielding to pedestrians and other vehicles when necessary. Additionally, riders are required by law to wear a helmet that meets certain safety standards, and their bikes must have operational headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Riders need to understand that lane splitting, or riding between two lanes of traffic is illegal in Manitoba. By following these traffic rules and being aware of their surroundings, motorcyclists in Manitoba can stay safe on the road.

This online practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the Manitoba Motorcycle Class 6 Knowledge Test required before you can get your Class 6 motorcycle licence. This free practice written test is a lesson that is essential for getting your motorcycle licence at your local licensing office.

A Class 6 supplementary knowledge test on the safe operation of a motorcycle is required. Anyone applying for their first motorcycle learner’s license on or after January 1, 2003, must complete an approved motorcycle training course to qualify for a Class 6 Learner (L) Stage licence.