Drivers are not allowed to use their mobile phones while driving. Speed limits should be followed, with limits posted on signs along the road. In Manitoba, it is also illegal to pass school buses when their stop sign is out and red lights are flashing.


Manitoba Traffic Rules Test 04

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Refusal to supply a breath or blood sample to police when required to do so will see you moved how many points down the Driver Safety Rating scale.

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Your minimum following distance when driving on a gravel road should be...?

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When there is dense fog or snow, the best thing to do with your headlights is to drive with them...?

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If a person is seriously wounded in an accident, you should apply direct pressure with a clean piece of material over the wound, unless it is...?

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If you drop down the Manitoba Driver Safety Ratings, you are likely to end up paying more for...?

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Which of these offences will result in your driving privileges in Manitoba being suspended?

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If you're involved in a collision that involves serious or fatal injury, you must report to the police, if you do not make a report at the scene, within...?

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What percentage of traffic fatalities in Manitoba can be attributed to impaired drivers?

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What is the maximum prison sentence for driving while suspended in Manitoba?

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The safest way of avoiding a charge of impaired driving is what?

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If you injure or kill a domestic (owned) animal when driving, and you remove it from the road, if you cannot discover the owner you must report the incident to whom?

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Driving while suspended can incur fines of up to...?

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What is the minimum ban you will receive if found guilty under the Manitoba criminal code of driving with a blood alcohol concentration over .08?

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You're driving at night and you see another vehicle approaching you. You should dim your headlights before you are within what distance of them?

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Which of these legally prescribed drugs can still result in your being charged with driving while impaired, even if you have been given them by a doctor?

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A person found guilty of driving-related offences under the Manitoba Criminal Code will have a license suspension applied...?

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If you start to feel sleepy when driving, the best thing to do is...?

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If you have to attend a show cause hearing, a possible consequence could be...?

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At night you should never drive over the speed which would allow you to stop within the distance you can see in your headlights. In normal conditions with high beams on, this will be...?

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If your vehicle becomes disabled or is involved in an accident, you should place reflectorized signs and/or flares, if you have them, at what distance in front and behind your vehicle?

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If you refuse to perform a physical coordination test when ordered to by police officers, you will immediately have your license suspended for...?

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Impaired driving in Manitoba can result in a prison sentence of up to...?

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Novice drivers found with a blood-alcohol concentration above 0 will immediately receive...?

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To avoid a rollover, if you stray off the road you should immediately do what?

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If your blood-alcohol concentration is between .05 and .08, and it is the third time this has occurred in a 10 year period, you will receive a mandatory license suspension of...?

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How to Prepare For Manitoba Written Knowledge Test?

Any test you sit for can be hard. But that’s normal if you haven’t prepared well enough. Thus, failure can be attributed to one cause, being non-innately brilliant in determining the right answers.

In a nutshell, you must prepare and study hard to pass. The question in the Manitoba written knowledge test isn’t usually technical. They are everyday things you have encountered on the road, not necessarily behind the wheel. The only challenge is that the questions can be twisted. Thus, you need to have all-around knowledge to ace it.


About Manitoba driver license test

Manitoba’s written driver’s license tests consist of 30 multiple-choice questions. Each of the questions is based on Manitoba’s drivers’ handbook. Anyone doing the test has only 30 minutes. Thus, one question for one minute and the pass mark is 80%.

Further, foreigners and anyone above sixteen years can sit for the test. However, one must register with Manitoba public insurance before doing the test. Registration or testing fee is charged at $10. If you pass these, an additional $20 will suffice for the license fee and $45 as the base driver premium.

Remember, the written driver’s license test is the first step you take toward being a licensed driver. Besides, after getting the written knowledge permit, you become eligible for the road after nine months.

One upside about the Manitoba written driver’s license test is that it is based on appointments. So, you get to sit in whenever you want. They are also available in French, English, and 20 other languages.


How to prepare for the test


Get the driver’s handbook

Manitoba driver license test Getting the Manitoba handbook will save you the toil of gathering dozens of books about driving. Tests are based on the handbook, which has everything you need to know about driving. That starts from parking laws, traffic signs and rules, and other common driving laws. The handbook can be downloaded from Manitoba public insurance website. Apart from visual guides provided by the handbook to help those with visual issues, the handbook is available in 20 languages.

You have to read the guide as would a normal book. That means that you must make short notes, even if it’s on note cards. Besides, you can still take study documents on your computer and highlight key points. And do not forget to take 5-minute breaks after every 25 minutes.


Find yourself some online tests

After you have gone through the handbook, it’s time to test the depth of your knowledge. Again, testing yourself raises your esteem as you approach the actual one. The advantage is that it’s a foretest of what you will face in the actual test. So, when you go through it, you must mark the question you are not getting correctly. Then, go back to the handbook and reread it. Redo the test, and see if there are changes. Again, Manitoba’s insurance website is still your site for online tests.


Use the Alberta driver’s license app

You can get over two hundred questions concerning the test through the Manitoba Class 5 Learner Test on google play or App Store. All the questions are based on the latest driving test questions. Hence the app updates itself in line with new testing procedures. It’s one way of getting all the materials you need for the test in one place. Besides, there is a smart timer tab where you can track your performance. Again, redo the test question till you get everything right.


Common study habits to practice

As I said earlier, you can do the test whenever you want. So, the time you book to sit in should favor your preparation. As you review the study material, take your time and understand everything. That is by getting enough sleep.

Also, Schedule the topic you find hard to the time frame where you are more productive. And avoid reading consistently. You have to take a 5-minute break after thirty or 25 minutes. Finally, at the end of each lesson, there are questions regarding what you have read. Avoiding them is a recipe for failure. Answer them all, and go back to reread the parts you didn’t get correctly.


Wrapping up

In retrospect, the Manitoba driver license test questions are the common simple things you encounter in the guide. You also have the chance to familiarize yourself with them, even if they are worded differently through online tests. So, while reading, try and understand everything instead of cramming. Remember, your confidence counts greatly, but it shouldn’t be misplaced. So, assure yourself with good preparation and online tests. Good luck!