Manitoba, Canada has a set of traffic rules that all drivers are required to follow. One of the most notable rules is that drivers must come to a complete stop at all stop signs, red lights, and yield signs. The use of seat belts is mandatory for both the driver and all passengers in the vehicle, and failure to do so comes with hefty fines.


Manitoba Traffic Rules Test 03

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When slowing down to parallel park, you should warn other vehicles behind you by...?

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If you are parking in an area with no curb, facing up or downhill, your wheels should be...?

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In an area where the regularly posted speed is less than 80 KM/H, the maximum speed in a school zone can be as low as...?

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It is illegal to park or stop within what distance of a crosswalk?

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When reversing, you should check...?

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The turn signals at the front of your car must be either...?

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You are on a highway outside a city, town or village. When parking on a curve, you must ensure that your vehicle can be clearly seen from how far away in both directions?

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Where a pedestrian corridor is present, you may not park within what distance of it?

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A pedestrian on the left sidewalk is clearly intending to cross the road you are on using a crosswalk. It is illegal not to stop for them unless...?

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Which of these is the best time to check your tire pressures?

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Unless otherwise posted, you may not park within what distance of the driveway entrance to a fire station?

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Legally you must turn your headlights on when visibility is reduced to...?

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It is illegal to drive without headlights during which times?

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At a school crosswalk, as well as stopping for children you must legally stop for...?

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A cyclist intending to stop may indicate this to you by...?

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In which of these situations should you stay behind a cyclist instead of attempting to make a pass?

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When parking facing uphill, your wheels should be...?

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If you are found driving while suspended, the vehicle you are operating will immediately be impounded for a minimum of how long?

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Under what circumstances is it legal to park on a sidewalk?

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When you see a cyclist coming towards you at night, you should...?

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A blind person is at a crosswalk and raises their cane. What must you do?

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In addition to your regular stoplights, you must have one functional centre high mounted stop light if your car was manufactured after...?

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When approaching a parallel parking stall, you should be approximately how far out from the other parked vehicles?

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What is the closest distance you can legally park on the same side of the street as a fire hydrant?

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It is suggested that when driving alongside cyclists, you should give them how much space?

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