How to Maintain the Value of Your Car

The resale value of your vehicle will depend on how much it depreciates. The moment you purchase a new car, it begins to depreciate. However, you can prevent your vehicle’s value from declining to a certain degree so that you can get a much higher resale value for it. All you need to do is follow these simple and easy steps.

  1. Get tour oil changed regularly

By changing your car oil regularly, you can ensure its engine works smoother for a very long time and ages slowly. Based on the age of your vehicle, you are required to change its oil after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. After every oil change make sure you keep your receipts to show them to your potential buyers. This way they know the vehicle you are selling to them is well cared for.

  1. Don’t store it, drive it

A car is meant to be driven, if not every day, at least once every week. It will make sure the engine is working fine and all its parts and pieces are working like they are supposed to. Driving your car regularly will help prevent the tires from deflating.

  1. Clean your car

If you put off washing your vehicle, the dirt and debris deposited on it will leave small scratches on the body of your vehicle. The worst is bird poop. It can ruin the paint of your vehicle and on the windshield it will reduce visibility. Cleaning your car regularly will keep it in suitable shape (or increase the chances that it remains in decent shape) and ensure it looks presentable. But cleaning the outside is not enough. The inside cleaning of your car also matters. You can do this yourself or hire a car cleaning service to do it for you.

Value of Your Car

  1. Check the car fluids

Make it a rule of thumb to check the level of your car’s fluids at least once in every month. This is a simple task that you can ask your mechanic to do or you could do yourself as well. You need to check the engine oil level, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and the power steering fluid to know whether they are running low. Ask your mechanic to check it out and refill these liquids during every oil change. This way you won’t forget.

  1. Park your car inside

Always park your car inside the garage this will protect it from the natural elements and reckless drivers. If you do not have garage space available to park your car, you can park it on the street, but avoid parking under tree to prevent bird poop and tree branches from falling onto your vehicle. If you don’t have a choice, make sure you clean your vehicle as often as possible. Remember, if you do not have a safe parking spot for your car, your auto insurance premiums will increase.

  1. Avoid the salt

Exposing your vehicle to salt can cause its paint to breakdown and its metal to rust a lot quicker. People who live by the beach or in places that experience harsh winters will experience these slat exposure issues. To protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of salt you need to wash it as often as possible and wax its exterior.

  1. Get the scratches and dents fixed

Assess and inspect the body of your car at every chance you get. If you notice dents and scratches, get them fixed immediately before they start to rust. To fix these problems with your car, you may need something as simple as a paint touch up or a complex body work to remove the dents and remove the scratches.

  1. Maintenance

The owner’s manual for every car has a list of parts and components that need to be serviced and maintained after you have completed a certain amount of miles. So keep an eye on the mileage to get your car serviced when required. If you can’t find your owner’s manual, call the car dealership and ask for a maintenance schedule. Keep all your receipts safely so that you can show them to your potential buyers.

  1. Change your air filters

After every 1 to 2 oil changes make it a point to change the vehicle’s air filters as well. You can easily do it yourself if you want. It will keep your car smelling good and your HVAC system running efficiently.

  1. Inflate your tires properly

By making sure the tires on your car are properly inflated, you can get better mileage out of your vehicle and improve your safety on the road. Plus, it will increase the life of the tires.

  1. Use floor liners

Using floor liners can protect the interior of your car. They catch dirt, mud, spills, and food crumbs effectively without ruining your car’s carpeted floor.

  1. Don’t trash the car

Many people treat their cars like trash cans. This can make cleaning it a problem in case you decide to sell it. Keep a trash bag handy to dispose trash from your car so that it doesn’t keep rolling around.

Following these tips can help you keep your vehicle in impressive condition. This, in turn, will help you obtain a better value when you decide to sell your car.