How To Get A Motorcycle License in New Brunswick

Motorcycle License in New BrunswickIt has been estimated that motorcyclists form one of the most vulnerable groups of road users in New Brunswick. The statistics indicate that the motorcyclists are killed in traffic road accidents at a rate that is seven times higher than other road users. It is for this reason that there are clear cut guidelines that have been set on how to obtain a motorcycle license in the region.

The process is carried out alongside the New Brunswick motorcycle program that runs for a period of twelve months with the principal objective being to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents as well as ensure the compliance of the specified regulations by all individuals.

Licensing requirements

For the drivers who already possess driver’s licenses, there is the option of taking the motorcycle tests in order to have the motorcycle proficiency endorsed on their licenses. In addition to this, an individual can apply for the motorcycle license solely subject to passing the written as well as the road tests for qualification to the class six motorcycle licenses. This usually starts with the learner’s permit.

Parts of the requirement that are required are original documents that show the personal details of the applicant. This will usually include but not limited to the proof of residence and documents to show the age of the applicant. Depending on the requirements by the Ministry of Transportation, the licensing requirements may be a little different for individuals who are there on a temporary basis such as foreign students.

Age restrictions

Generally, any individual who has attained the age of sixteen can apply to take the written test in order to qualify for the motorcycle license in New Brunswick. At this age, it has been accepted that the person is mature and grown enough to appreciate the action and responsibility that is required of all road users. However, applicants who are below the age of eighteen must have consent that is witnessed by a person who is not a kin to the applicant.

Applicable fees

An individual seeking to get a motorcyclist’s license has to pay a fee to facilitate the process. The fee is usually payable at the time of making the application and covers the associated costs of getting the license. These generally include the costs for the written as well as the road tests and the cost for developing the actual license on successful completion and certification of the tests. It is however important to be noted that in the event that a person is completing an approved motorcycle safety test that has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation, then only the ninety day license and the knowledge fees are required. This is because the other fees that are required and charged on a starting learner will usually have been covered altogether.


The training will generally be to train the individual on riding a motorcyclist across different weather conditions and on different types of roads. This will be the stage where the type of tire and wearing of a helmet will be trained on.

Written test

The passing of a written test is one of the first steps in the process of obtaining a motorcycles license in New Brunswick. The questions in this test have been drawn from the road book of the region and seek to test how well an individual is acquainted with the various road regulations of that region. These are usually contained in the New Brunswick motorcycle handbook.

The questions will primarily be principled on the interpretation of the major road signs and other common road rules that a motorcyclist is likely to encounter on a daily basis.

Motorcycle Road Test

The individual seeking a motorcycle license will normally be subjected to a road test in which their skills will be examined. This will usually analyze the respect for other road users and how well a person has been prepared to warrant issuance of that license. There are a number of motorcycle road tests that are available in New Brunswick to better prepare prospective motorcyclists for this purpose.

While the above illustration highlights the most integral requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license in Canada’s New Brunswick region, it is worth noting that there may be variations depending on the applicant’s credentials. However, any person can apply to have the motorcycle license provided they have attained the necessary age requirement and have fulfilled the legal obligations in every sense. There are plans at an advanced stage by the Department of Public Safety to introduce new rules for prospective motorcycle riders. Although passed, the rules are progressive in nature. These rules will include a license system that is graduated and will have a safety course that will be mandatory for all applicants. The new rules started being applied on the 1st day of April 2015. This is on a progressive basis.

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