How To Get A Commercial Driver’s Licence in Newfoundland

Commercial Driver's Licence in NewfoundlandYou must get your commercial driver’s license before you start driving large trucks, cube trucks and buses. Every driver of a massive vehicle in Newfoundland must have a valid commercial driver’s license when they get behind the wheel, but there is only one way to get your driver’s license. The government of Newfoundland offers licenses to those who complete the five steps below. Each step helps you prepare for and pass examinations for licensure. Completing each step in this article will help you receive a driver’s license that can be used to find gainful employment as a driver.

Age Requirements

You must be 16 to get your commercial driver’s licence in Newfoundland, but you may not be able to use the license when you are 16. Companies require drivers to 18 in most cases, but you may get the license early so you can use it for applications when you are nearly 18. There is no age cap on applicants for commercial driver’s licenses, and you may being the process when you are ready to start a new career.


You must complete an application with the province before you take any tests, and there is a fee you must pay to submit the application. Every driver who wishes to receive their license to drive a truck must submit their application before the testing process starts. You cannot being until your information has been supplied to the province.

Training School

You must go to a driving school that trains applicants in every aspect of driving a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are nothing like smaller cars, and you must study diligently for every part of the training. You will learn all the items covered on the written exam, and you will be taught the steps used in the road test.

You driver training teaches you the entire driver’s manual for commercial vehicles. The highway codes are different because these vehicles are so large and unruly. You must know the safe speeds you can travel, how to maneuver on the highway and how to park your truck safely.

Driver training will teach you about special considerations you must make when making turns in your truck, but you must practice turns on a road course. Driving training applies information from the written test to the road around you. You will drive on a course with an instructor as you learn how a commercial truck works.

Commercial trucks have heavy gearboxes that require brute strength, and you will build up your strength as you practice. You will be taught how to monitor the gauges on the dash, and you will learn how to safely move around other vehicles. Driving training teaches you everything you need to know about the truck before you start a road test.

Your driver training school also teaches you how to hitch your trailer to your truck. The trailer and truck must be locked together for safety on the road, and hitching the trailer is a safety concern for all drivers. You will be asked to do everything you learn in school on your tests.

The Written Test

The written test for your commercial driver’s license must be passed before you take your road test. Road tests are never administered to those who do not pass their written tests, and you may take the written test as many times as you need. You are scored immediately during the test, and you may take your ticket for a passed test to an examiner for your road test.

Your Road Test

Your road test is done in a training vehicle with your examiner. The examiner is covering a large number of items on the test, and you must pass a majority of the items to pass the test.

The test is given on a course that involves hitching your trailer, parking your trailer and basic safety procedures. You will be taken on a handling course to show you know how to safely turn the wheel, and you will be taken on a highway to show you know how to safely drive the truck on the road.

You must pass your road test to receive your driver’s license, and your valid commercial license will help you receive a job driving trucks in the area. The hilly roads of Newfoundland require safe drivers who have been trained to drive large vehicles properly. You must take your training seriously before you take your tests, and you may get your commercial driver’s license when you are only 16. Consider getting your commercial license to change careers, or get a commercial license if you want to drive a bus for your church or company. There are various applications for a commercial driver’s license, and you may get to work soon with your new license.

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