We understand better drivers are safer and assets to any business or institution they work with. Hence we want to help the younger generation implement better and safer driving in and out of the workplace.

Businesses need to hire people who can drive safely and often find that these individuals become an asset to the institution. We want to help young people learn how to implement these safe driving practices in their personal lives and on the job.

Safer Driving
Suitable students get the opportunity to gain the Scholarship. Successful applicants will demonstrate that they understand the importance of safe driving in the workplace and can illustrate how their idea will work in the real world. The selected students will be awarded a scholarship of $1,000.

Terms of Participation
• Could you use a $1000 scholarship for your schooling needs? All you have to do is consider how safe driving can be encouraged within a business and how it benefits the employees, the company, and the general population.
• Students are NOT required to pay a fee or service to receive the scholarship.
• The complete privacy policy can be found here:

How to Apply
• Write an essay containing no more than 1000 words on “How safe driving can be encouraged within a business and how it benefits the employees, company, and the general population.”
• You must email the essay to [email protected]
• The applications and entries must be in English
• Included with applicant’s name, address, telephone number, and the university/school attended

Who Can Apply?
You must be currently enrolled in an educational institution to apply. Only high school, trade school, university, or college students can use it as long as they attend an accredited educational institution in the U.S. or Canada.


Status: Closed.

How Will The Student Know That Their Application Was Successful?
The in-house committee at is responsible for selecting the winner, which was carried out on the last day of September 2017. The learning institution and the student will be notified of these results one week after this selection. This process will begin again next year.