Determining the Value of a Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be very difficult because most of the time the owners do not know the actual value of the vehicle.  When it comes to determining the value of a used car you have to consider a couple of things and do not go by Kelley blue book or an online car value sheet because they are wrong.  Most of time they’re in the ballpark but they cannot determine the price of a vehicle because they have not seen the vehicle how it appears physically and they have not heard the engine run or drive so the value that you get off these values are only an estimate and can not determine the value of your vehicle properly.

When it comes to determining the value of your car you have to consider three main things.  The first main thing is you have to take into consideration is the engine.  You need to make sure that the engine is running properly without any misses or any noise is coming from the engine block.  With the engine you also have to consider the drive train which means the transmission.  If it shifts from gear to gear and goes into reverse that is always a plus.  If your engine and transmission and drivetrain are all solid then you can put a price tag on your used vehicle for at least $700.

Now it comes to the overall visual appearance of your vehicle.  If your vehicle has a little bit of rust on it and does not go through then you’re looking at a good quality car.  If your vehicle starts to show its age buying the bumper falling off or major damage to the vehicle than you are not going to get some much.  On an average vehicle that has a little bit of fender damage you can put a price tag on that for around $500 when you’re looking sell your vehicle.

The last thing that can determine the price of your vehicle is the age.  The newer the vehicle the more money you’re going to be able to get and you have to consider the mileage on how many years you have on the car.  Factoring all this in the mileage, the drive train, the looks of the vehicle and the age you might be able to price your vehicle around $4000.  Just take all of this into consideration the next time you’re thing about selling your car.  Make sure the price is right and you’ll be able to sell your vehicle in no time at all.