As per the regulations set by the Government of British Columbia, commercial drivers must abide by strict traffic rules while on the road.


BC Commercial Driver Test 04

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Why is manual adjustment of automatic slack adjusters dangerous?

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How much might you be fined for operating a vehicle with defective brakes, including excessive brake chamber pushrod stroke?

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You are driving a tractor-trailer, and the two connecting air lines between the tractor and trailer have just broken. What's function does the tractor protection system perform in this circumstance?

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What must you do if the low pressure warning indicator on your air brake activates?

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An air brake-endorsed driver's licence is required to operate most vehicles equipped with air-over-hydraulic brakes. What is the only exception?

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What happens when a trailer relay emergency system 'dynamites' the trailer's brakes?

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What are glad hands?

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What is an industrial road?

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Compounding spring and air brakes can permanently damage service brake components. How can you avoid compounding brakes?

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What colour and shape are signs on the road that warn of possible hazards ahead?

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What colour and shape are signs that pertain to warnings near schools?

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As a tractor-trailer truck driver, you pull into a pullout area to complete a pre-hill inspection. If your vehicle has air brakes with automatic slack adjusters, must you check pushrod travel?

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By federal law, how often must you perform manual and automatic slack adjuster inspections?

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What are the maximum amounts of on-duty times in Cycles 1 and 2?

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In a dual air brake system, if an air line in the primary braking system ruptures, what happens if you make a brake application?

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As a commercial driver, how many hours of off-duty time must you take every day and how many of those hours must be consecutive?

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When a sign displays a red circle with a red line that bisects the circle at an angle, what should drivers understand about the action depicted on the sign underneath the red circle?

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If there are two drivers with a vehicle, generally only one of the two needs to sign the written inspection report. When must both drivers sign the report?

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Which of the following is correct when you are manually performing a slack adjustment?

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You enter a lane in which there are double broken yellow lines running down the center. What is the significance of these lane markings?

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What colour are signs, such as speed limit signs, that advise drivers about driving regulations?

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You are traveling in an empty truck on a steep hill on a single-lane industrial road. What must you do when a loaded vehicle is approaching?

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The air line between the compressor on your vehicle and the supply reservoir has ruptured. Which of the following prevents a total loss of air pressure in the service brake system?

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Using the applied stroke method for checking for brake adjustment, an applied stroke approaching what length indicates the brakes need adjusting?

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Which of the following are two ways that spring parking brakes can be held in the released position?

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How many consecutive hours off-duty does it take to reset Cycle 1 and Cycle 2?

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Why do commercial vehicles with air brakes also have mechanical parking brakes?

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Using the pry method of free stroke measurement for checking brake adjustment, a free stroke approaching what length indicates the brakes need adjusting?

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As a commercial driver, you must keep in your possession a daily log that's updated to your last change in duty status, as well as copies of your daily log for your cycle, and any supporting documents. How much time do you have to submit those items to your carrier?

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There are usually two air line connections between a tractor and a trailer. One provides air from the tractor's compressor to the trailer at full reservoir pressure. What does the other air line connection supply?

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These rules have been put in place to ensure the safety of both drivers and other road users. Commercial drivers must maintain a safe and reasonable speed, obey traffic signals and road signs, and keep a safe following distance from other vehicles. They must also maintain proper lane discipline, avoid distractions while driving, and conduct regular vehicle inspections before embarking on their journeys. Additionally, commercial drivers must be well-rested and not exceed their maximum service hours, as set out in the Provincial legislation. These traffic rules for commercial drivers are meant to promote safe and professional driving practices in British Columbia’s transport industry.

Remember, our tests are similar to the official BC professional drivers test you must take and pass to attain your commercial driver’s licence. No practice test can be the same as the official one, as they change often. Still, by practicing with them in conjunction with your “driving commercial vehicles – a guide for professional drivers” handbook, you will be well on your way to attaining your CDL in a short period.