Air brakes are an essential safety feature in commercial vehicles, especially those carrying heavy loads. In British Columbia, Canada, air brakes are required on vehicles such as semi-trailers, buses, and other vehicles that weigh over 11,794 kilograms.


BC Air Brake Test 02

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Before manually releasing spring brakes, you should do what?

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The trailer air supply valve must close if the tractor pressure drops below...?

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In dual air brake systems using blended air, the parking brake will take air from...?

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Spring parking brakes will come on when applied by the driver and...?

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Spring parking brakes are kept off by...?

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When trailer brakes 'dynamite' they will remain applied for how long?

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Which of these is a sign that you may have reversed the supply line and service line connections?

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If your system is colour-coded, the supply line will be what colour?

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An alternative name for the supply line is what?

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How are safety actuator parking brakes different from normal brake systems?

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In colour-coded systems, which colour is used to indicate the control line?

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The couplers between tractor and trailer are known as what?

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Safety actuator parking brakes will not release if more than how much air has been lost from the parking reservoir?

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The parking brake control valve on the dashboard is usually which colour?

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The chief difference between a trailer air brake system compared to the tractor is that the trailer will not have...?

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On a dual airbrake system, if the primary system fails which of these applies?

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Using foundation brakes to hold the vehicle when parked is...?

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Releasing a spring parking brake manually is known as what?

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Spring parking brakes will fully apply if air pressure drops to what level?

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Spring parking brakes are mounted where on a tractor?

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What force does the coil spring in spring parking brake chambers exert?

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Compounding brakes means what?

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Which of these balances pressure between the service brakes and the spring parking brakes?

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When not in use, glad hand couplers should be blocked with dead-end couplers or if these are not available they should be...?

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Which of these is an alternative name for the control line?

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The province mandates that all drivers of vehicles equipped with air brakes must possess an air brake endorsement on their license. This endorsement requires drivers to take a written and practical examination to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The practical exam includes tasks such as conducting pre-trip inspections, performing brake tests, and identifying and correcting brake system defects. This strict regulation ensures that only trained professionals operate vehicles equipped with air brakes, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. In addition, commercial vehicle operators in British Columbia are subject to regular inspection and maintenance requirements to ensure their vehicles’ safe operation further. Overall, the province’s focus on promoting air brake safety helps to protect both drivers and the public on the roads.

Drivingtest.ca has prepared this Air Brake practice test to assist drivers in understanding air brake systems. This practice test and practical instruction will help drivers operate air brake-equipped vehicles before and after obtaining their BC air brake endorsement. To operate vehicles equipped with air brakes on a highway (other than a vehicle defined as a construction vehicle), you must have a B.C. driver’s license with an air brake endorsement (code 15). Endorsement code 15 is shown in the “restrictions” section of a driver’s

To successfully prepare, consider utilizing these exams and the official BC “driving commercial vehicles -a Guide for professional drivers” to your advantage. The more knowledge you can attain, the better it will be for you once you decide to return to the license office to take the air brake license written knowledge test.