In British Columbia, Canada, operators of air brake equipped vehicles are required to obtain an Air Brake Endorsement on their driver’s license.


BC Air Brake Test 01

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If a compressor is working at 120 psi, what will the air temperature as it leaves the compressor be?

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A dual air brake system usually has how many reservoirs?

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How often should you check air pressure gauges on a trip?

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What do the one-way check valves on a dual air brake system control?

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The supply reservoir is also known as...?

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Which of these is not part of an air brake chamber?

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The low air pressure warning device must come on when the air pressure drops below what level?

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The gap between maximum and minimum pressure in the system should be approximately what?

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Which of these controls the compressor in an air brake system?

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The governor on the compressor must be set to allow the compressor to resume compressing air when the air pressure falls below what level?

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When an air pressure warning is given, what should you do?

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In most systems the primary section of a dual air brake system controls what?

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Air brake systems are used on commercial vehicles instead of hydraulic systems because...?

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The mechanical parts of the brake system inside the wheel are known as what?

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The safety valve is sometimes referred to as what?

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The air pressure gauge for the system will be found where?

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A dual brake system has brakes controlled by...?

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Air brake systems are less likely to completely fail than hydraulic systems because...?

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A normal stop on level ground in good conditions will usually involve an air pressure of less than...?

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In a typical Type 30 chamber, an air pressure of 100 psi will deliver a force on the pushrod of what?

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A quick release valve between the front brake chambers and the foot valve serves what purpose?

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If your compressor is belt driven, when you press down on the belt midway between the pulleys, you should not be able to push it in more than...?

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A relay valve is installed to reduce what?

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Many current air brake systems operate with a maximum pressure of what?

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To prevent contamination, reservoirs should be drained how often?

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This endorsement is necessary for operating any vehicle equipped with air brakes or a combination of air and hydraulic brakes. To obtain the endorsement, drivers must pass a written test on air brake components, theory, and operation and a practical test demonstrating their ability to use the brakes properly. Additionally, all air brake systems in British Columbia must meet specific requirements and regulations, including installing automatic slack adjusters and proper brake adjustment procedures. These regulations exist to ensure the safe operation of air brake-equipped vehicles on British Columbia’s roadways.

Drivingtest.ca has prepared this Air Brake practice test to assist drivers in understanding air brake systems. This practice test and practical instruction will help drivers operate air brake-equipped vehicles before and after obtaining their BC air brake endorsement. To operate vehicles equipped with air brakes on a highway (other than a vehicle defined as a construction vehicle), you must have a B.C. driver’s license with an air brake endorsement (code 15). Endorsement code 15 is shown in the “restrictions” section of a driver’s

To successfully prepare, consider utilizing these exams and the official BC “driving commercial vehicles -a Guide for professional drivers” to your advantage. The more knowledge you can attain, the better it will be for you once you decide to return to the license office to take the air brake license written knowledge test.