In Alberta, motorcycles are required to follow the same traffic rules as other motor vehicles. However, there are some specific laws that apply only to motorcycles.


Alberta Motorcycle Test 04

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If your front wheel locks under braking, what should you do?

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When accelerating with a sidecar attached you should be cautious of…?

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You should tell your passenger to only dismount…?

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In which of these situations should a group switch to riding single file?

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When carrying a passenger, your should expect your steering to be…?

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If you have a trailer, how should the weight be distributed?

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When you have a load on the back of your motorcycle what should you use to secure it?

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Which of these things should you not do if your front tire blows out?

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Where should you move your weight if your rear tire blows out?

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Your passenger should be as well equipped as possible, but which of these is the only compulsory equipment for them?

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What's the best place for your passenger to hold on to?

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If a bug or other animal causes your visor to become smeared, what should you do?

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When the group wants to change lanes, who should go first?

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If your throttle sticks, what are the first two things you should do?

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Riding in staggered formation, what should be the minimum distance between riders 1 and 3?

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What should you do with your tires if carrying a passenger?

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If you have to swerve around an obstacle, what should you be doing at the same time with your brakes?

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If you are forced to ride over an object, where should you move your weight?

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How should your passenger position themselves on the seat?

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What's the best formation to adopt when riding in a group?

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What is the largest number of motorcycles you should have in a group?

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What is it compulsory for your motorcycle to have if you want to carry a passenger?

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On a four lane highway, where should the leader of a group usually ride?

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Who should be the first rider in a group?

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A riding group should be...?

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When carrying a passenger you should increase your stopping distance to at least…?

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When passing another vehicle, a riding group should…?

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You should tell your passenger that when cornering, they should…

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What rule should you follow when setting the pace?

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A person supervising you must have…?

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Lane splitting, where motorcycles ride between cars in the same lane, is illegal in Alberta. Motorcycles must also have their headlights on at all times, even during the day, for increased visibility. Furthermore, helmet usage is mandatory while operating a motorcycle in Alberta. Motorcyclists must also wear protective gear that covers their arms, legs, and feet. Motorcyclists must obey these laws and regulations to ensure their safety while navigating the roads. The fines for breaking these laws can be steep, and even worse, disregarding these laws can lead to serious injury or loss of life. Overall, motorcyclists need to be aware of the specific traffic rules in Alberta to avoid accidents and ride safely.

This online Alberta motorcycle practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the AB Motorcycle driver’s test required before you can get your Motorcycle operator’s license. This free practice written driving test is a lesson that is essential for getting your Alberta motorcycle license at your local licensing office.