The authorities in Alberta ensure that the rules are strictly enforced, and any violations of road and traffic rules are prosecuted accordingly. Overall, the strict enforcement of road and traffic rules in Alberta Canada is an excellent way to enhance safety on the roads, making it a great place to use public streets without fear of accident or injury.


Alberta Driving Test - Rules 3

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When an emergency vehicle (ambulance, fire or police) is approaching you from any direction and is sounding a siren, you must yield the right-of-way by...?

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Which three factors go into determining how long it takes to stop?

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When you are planning to leave the highway and you miss your exit you should...?

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When you enter a right-hand curve, you should...?

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When driving, fatigue can be deadly. Fatigue can be caused by...?

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Never use the cruise control feature...?

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Large trucks require...?

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When visibility becomes so poor that it is no longer safe to continue driving, you should...?

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How many demerit points will be recorded against your license for failing to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk?

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When moving from one lane to another, you must...?

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On multi-lane highways, slow-moving traffic should travel...?

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When you see a yellow flashing pedestrian activated traffic light, you must slow down to...?

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If a death or injury occurs as a result of driving while impaired, the minimum license suspension , even for a first offender, will be...?

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Anyone found guilty of driving with a blood alcohol concentration over .08 for the first time will be disqualified from driving and their license will be suspended for...?

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If you are in a funeral procession, you may follow through an intersection controlled by a stop sign or a red signal without stopping. You must have your headlights on, and may only proceed...?

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The vehicle for your road test must be in acceptable working condition and must have...?

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When approaching the end of the passing lane, drivers in the right hand lane must...?

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Speed limits indicate...?

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U-turns are not permitted in urban areas in which of the following situations?

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In a traffic circle...?

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Who is responsible for ensuring that all passengers under the age of 16 years are properly restrained inside a vehicle?

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How many demerit points will be recorded against your license for failing to remain at the scene of an accident?

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If your headlights fail:

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Tourists or visitors from other countries are permitted to use valid operator's licenses for a period of...?

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What you cannot see a vehicle in your rear and side-view mirrors it is said to be in your...?

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Things to Know about Alberta Class 7 Driving Test

So, you want to take the Alberta driving test class 7. You want to gather more information before deciding on the next step. The class 7 license will bring you closer to a full driver’s license. Class 7 is the first driver’s license, and then you can move to a class 5 license. In the following, we will learn more about a class 7 license and how to get one.


Why Do You Need an Alberta Class 7 license?

Alberta Class 7 TestThe class 7 license is a learner license. Yes, it can enable you to operate class 5 vehicles, including pickup trucks and SUVs. However, you will have to drive under the guidance of a fully licensed driver. That means a class 7 license will not enable you to operate SUVs and other mentioned vehicles yourself. However, it will allow you to drive a moped without any guidance.

If you want to get this license, you must take tests. Most importantly, you will need the consent of your parents when your age is below eighteen. Apart from that, you will have to pass a vision test.


More about Alberta Class 7 Drivers License

You must know about class 7 rules, restrictions, and regulations to pass the class 7 knowledge test. The minimum age requirement to get this license is fourteen years. However, you will need your parent’s consent to take the driving test. You can write the test without your parent’s permission after age 18. Alberta class 7 license will be valid for twelve months or even more. Also, you will have the option to renew your class 7 license many times.


 What Are the Restrictions?

The class 7 license will enable you to operate a vehicle. However, there will be some restrictions. As it is your first driving license, you must follow some safety rules. You need to follow a few steps while operating your vehicle with a class 7 license.

  • Driving at night: You cannot drive between midnight and 5 am.
  • Impaired driving: 0.0 BAC while operating a vehicle. There should not be any drugs in your system.
  • Passengers: There should not be any passengers in your vehicle.
  • License: You cannot upgrade this license to a commercial one.
  • Driver: You cannot work as an associated driver.
  • Demerits: The class 7 license will be invalid if you have eight demerit points.


How to Get a Class 7 License

You must take a knowledge test to get a class 7 license. The test is all about knowing your driving skills. If you want to pass the test, you must thoroughly cover the Alberta Drivers Handbook. It is worth mentioning that all the questions will come from the class 7 Handbook directly. Therefore, you must ensure that you have reviewed the class 7 handbook many times. Also, the Drivers Handbook is easily accessible. You can download a copy and read it in your free time. Once you know the driving rules, you can consider taking practice tests.

There are many online practice tests. You can write as many as you want to be fully confident about your driving skills. Also, practice tests will familiarize you with the question type and format. As a result, you can write the official test confidently.


Alberta Driving Test Class 7 Requirements

As stated earlier, the class 7 license is the first step to getting a full driver’s license. Regarding the test, I will test some basic knowledge about traffic signs and road rules. Also, it will ask questions about safe driving measures. Here are a few things that can help you to understand the knowledge test better.

  • The test will have only multiple types of questions.
  • It will have thirty multiple-choice questions, and you must write twenty-five correct answers. You cannot pass the test when the score is less than twenty-five.
  • You will have to take the knowledge test on a computer.
  • You will have enough time to write the test. There are thirty questions, and the test duration is sixty minutes. That means you will have two minutes for each question.
  • You can write the test at an Alberta Registry Agent office.
  • You do not need an appointment to take the test.
  • You cannot take more than one test a day.

In addition to these, you will have to show some certificates to prove your identity. You can use Alberta’s proof of residency or citizenship for this purpose. As mentioned above, you will also have to pass a vision test. Once you pass the knowledge and vision test, you can get a class 7 license. The cost for this license is $84.45. You will also have to pay $17.60 to write the test.


Do I Need Any Additional Preparation?

No, if you have thoroughly covered the class 7 handbook, you do not need to look for other resources. The book has everything that will come in the knowledge test. Therefore, if you read this handbook only, you can pass the official test. However, you can hone your skills with practice tests. The practice tests will have the same format and question types. You can write most of the correct answers if you take many practice tests.


 Tips to Pass the Knowledge Test

  • You will have to cover the class 7 Handbook thoroughly. It is a must if you want to pass the test and write all the correct answers.
  • Take practice tests to be familiar with question types and formats. Also, practice tests will help to know your preparation level. If you cannot write all the correct answers, you should keep trying until you score good marks a few times. After performing well in practice tests, you can take the official test.
  • Read all the questions carefully since you have enough time to write the test. Otherwise, you might end up choosing the wrong answers.

Alberta driving test class 7 will enable you to operate a vehicle. However, it is not a full driver’s license, and you will have to get a full driver’s license to enjoy your driving more.