Air brakes are an essential part of any commercial vehicle, particularly in the trucking industry. In the province of Alberta, Canada, the air brake endorsement is required in order to operate a commercial vehicle that has air brakes.


Alberta Air Brake Test 02

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Which of these is the primary reason to have a dual air brake system?

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The safety valve on the supply tank will vent if pressure rises above...?

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A normal stop usually requires air pressure to the brakes at less than...?

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The air pressure gauge for the service tanks will be found where?

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The governor is set to cut out when air pressure reaches a maximum of...?

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The low-pressure warning device will be set to alert the driver if the pressure in either of the service tanks falls below...?

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When using antifreeze in an air brake system, you should always use a solution that contains what?

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Which of these is not part of the supply circuit?

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If a vehicle has a belt drive compressor, you should adjust the tension if, when you press the belt midway on the longest run between pulleys, the belt presses in...?

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Steering axles most typically have what effective diaphragm area in their brake chambers?

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Contamination in the system must be prevented from accumulating by draining the tanks how often?

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When the low-pressure warning device is activated, what should the driver do?

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The secondary service circuit in a dual braking system works on...?

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The supply tank is also known as what?

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Which of these supports rapid brake application and release?

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Which of these systems combines governor, dryer, safety valve and supply tank together?

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A Type 30 brake chamber supplied with air at a pressure of 100 psi will result in what force on the pushrod?

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Which of these is not part of a simplified service brake circuit?

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The supply circuit in an air brake system does what?

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The governor should supply more air to the tanks when the system pressure drops by approximately how much?

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What is the purpose of a check valve?

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The best output for a compressor is reached when the engine is at about what level of its maximum rated rpm?

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The double foot valve when applied operates...?

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In a colour-coded airbrake system, the park supply components will be which colour?

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The primary purpose of the supply tank is to do what?

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Alberta’s air brake endorsement program ensures that all drivers using air brakes understand the operation and maintenance of these vital components. The program consists of a written and practical skills test to ensure that drivers have the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively use air brakes. Proper maintenance of air brakes is also emphasized to ensure they are working correctly. This is particularly important in Alberta due to the harsh winter conditions, which can significantly increase wear and tear on a vehicle’s braking system. Overall, ensuring a thorough understanding and proper use of air brakes is essential to maintaining safe road conditions for all drivers in Alberta. has prepared this Air Brake practice test to assist drivers in understanding air brake systems. This practice test and practical instruction will assist drivers in operating air brake-equipped vehicles before and after obtaining their Alberta air brake endorsement.

To successfully prepare, consider utilizing these exams and the official Alberta “Air Brake Manual – A Guide for Students” to your advantage. The more knowledge you can attain, the better it will be for you once you decide to return to the license office to take the air brake license written knowledge test.