Air brakes in Alberta, Canada are an essential component of highway safety. The province has strict regulations in place to ensure that all commercial vehicles comply with air brake standards.


Alberta Air Brake Test 01

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When testing the supply circuit, the compressor should be able to build from 50 to 90 psi within what time?

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The first action in any air brake inspection should be what?

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Atmospheric pressure at sea level is approximately what?

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A tractor-trailer combination has accelerated to 100 km/h but now needs to make an emergency stop within seven seconds. The stopping force required will be approximately how many times more than the acceleration force?

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A vehicle travelling at 40 km/h will need how much more stopping power than a vehicle travelling at 20 km/h?

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Brake components are constructed to withstand up to what temperature under hard braking?

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If a driver has permission to operate vehicles with air brakes, what endorsement will appear on their license?

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When removing fittings or hoses from an air brake system, you should make sure that the air pressure is...?

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A braking system works by converting the energy of motion into what?

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When braking what should you do to prevent your vehicle jerking back?

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Which of these has the ultimate responsibility to ensure their vehicle has safe, properly adjusted brakes before taking a vehicle out on the road?

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The lag time between an air brake being applied and the brake beginning to function is approximately...?

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When descending a long hill, you should apply the brakes...?

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How many different circuits are there in an air brake system?

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To qualify for an air brake endorsement in Alberta, a driver must have had a minimum of how many hours of instruction (not including breaks)?

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A typical cylinder in an air brake system can generate a force of...?

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Brake fade occurs because the brakes are...?

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When a driver sees a problem, how long will they usually be between identifying the hazard and applying the brake?

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To test for air system leaks, you should apply and firmly hold a full service brake application for two minutes. The system should not lose more than 4 psi, plus what additional losses per trailer?

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To perform an air brake inspection, the vehicle should be...?

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What is the most common fault found with air brake systems during commercial vehicle inspections?

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If you are driving a truck and trailer combination of 20 m in length, you should allow how much following distance?

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At what pressure in psi should the park control valve pop out?

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If your air brake system is colour-coded, the secondary circuit components will be what colour?

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One advantage that air brake systems have over hydraulic brake systems is that they are better able to tolerate what?

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These regulations are designed to improve braking performance, reduce stopping distances, and prevent brake-related accidents. In Alberta, air brake certification is required for operators of commercial vehicles that use air brakes. In addition, drivers must complete a written air brake test and a practical skills test to obtain their certification. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties or even the loss of driving privileges. With proper maintenance and regular inspections, air brakes in Alberta help maintain safe highways and prevent accidents on the road. has prepared this Air Brake practice test to assist drivers in understanding air brake systems. This practice test and practical instruction will assist drivers in operating air brake-equipped vehicles before and after obtaining their Alberta air brake endorsement.

To successfully prepare, consider utilizing these exams and the official Alberta “Air Brake Manual – A Guide for Students” to your advantage. The more knowledge you can attain, the better it will be for you once you decide to return to the license office to take the air brake license written knowledge test.