May 28, 2014
Passing Your Road Test

Top 10 Tips for Passing Your Road Test

If you are getting ready to take your road test chances are you are nervous. If you have practiced and you are fully prepared, you really […]
May 12, 2014

Determining the Value of a Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be very difficult because most of the time the owners do not know the actual value of the vehicle.  When it […]
April 30, 2014

Consider the Benefits to Buying a Used Car

Purchasing use car can be very difficult because it can lead to a lot of stress in your life but there are several benefits they you […]
April 10, 2014

6 Tips for Safer Driving

A few simple checks and some forward thinking when you’re driving can maximize your chances of getting to your destination safely. The following tips can help […]
February 12, 2014

When in Canada, Drive Like a Canadian

In today’s shaky economy, many travelers are opting to visit Canada instead of European or Asian destinations. Because of Canada’s varied geography and diverse local cultures, […]
December 24, 2013

Can You Afford to Refinance Your Car Loan?

Many car owners will keep the same car loan in place on their vehicle until the loan is paid in full or until they trade in […]
December 18, 2013

How to Maximize Savings When Refinancing Your Car Loan

If you are like many other car owners, your automobile loan is one of the largest expenses in your budget. Reducing spending and cutting back on […]
December 14, 2013

The Truth About Saving Money With Electric Cars

It seems as if more varieties of electric vehicles are entering the market every day. Even as electric cars become more popular, they make up only […]
November 30, 2013

Buying a Second Hand Car: First Contact

Buying a second hand car can represent a considerable investment. You need to keep in mind that the decision you make involves not only the car’s […]